What happens when Jess and the gang head to Portland for her father’s wedding? Who gets arrested on Downton Abbey? What new word has Shosh taught us? The answers to these questions and more in this week’s roundup. Beware of spoilers!

New Girl, Season 4 Episode 16 – “Oregon”

 Tomi Wiley James

What I loved:

Let me just start by saying I love that Jess is acting as her dad’s best man at his wedding, because my father asked me to do the same thing for his wedding. (However, I was in college, was desolate about the union, and sobbed through the service. Things have gotten better since then, so back to the show.)

Ryan, Jess’s British Too Good To Be True Boyfriend, has moved back to England after getting an offer to be headmaster of a school there. *ahem* Bye-bye, Ryan!

Jess is trying desperately to keep up a long distance relationship with Ryan, who, ultimately, doesn’t show up for the wedding. This, of course, rallies the gang together, and Nick (YAY NICK) insists that the group go through with the Portland tour that Jess had planned to show Ryan her hometown.

I love that it takes CeCe meeting up with her high school crush to admit that she’s still in love with Schmidt, who is adversely trying to hook CeCe up with her crush, saying he’ll never stop trying to make her happy.

New Girl s4e16 Oregon Schmidt Cece

While we’re digging on romance, how sweet is that scene with Jess’s dad (Rob Reiner) dancing with his almost-bride Sweet Dee (yes, it’s Kaitlin Olson, but she’ll always be Sweet Dee to me) before their wedding? I think that’s a turning point for Jess, as she later “breaks up” with Ryan (she leaves him a voice mail because hello? long distance?) and then there’s NICK!

Oh, Nick. How I love you. You insist on everyone going on the tour of Portland that ends at Crush Pond, where young CeCe and Jess used to toss in rocks and wish their crushes would love them back. And of course Schmidt has the biggest rock of them all, and I hope upon hope and wish upon wish that the name he casts along with it is CeCe’s and not that CouncilBitch Fawn.

What could have been better:

Jess. Honey. Stop singing like a fool in public. You are not Cookie Monster and should not attempt to sing like him at your father’s wedding. Yes, comic relief, but no, not Cookie Monster. Even a puppet deserves some respect.

Also, Jess’s mom and her friends tripping acid? Really? Who still does that? Oh, Jamie Lee Curtis, I thought better of you.

What I’m looking forward to:

Let me just say that CeCe’s crush’s last name being Apex was not lost on me. She encountered the top of the mountain, so to speak, and conquered it only to realize Schmidt has been there all along. Same goes (hopefully) with Jess and Nick, who says, “The only thing that matters is if the guy’s there when you need him. Otherwise you’re dating a wall.”

New Girl Nick Oregon
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Downton Abbey, Season 5 Episode 8

Shandle Blaha & Frances O’Brien


What we loved:

Shandle: Prince Kuragin confessing his love for Violet. I love Mary and Tom. They have such a bond, and I loved them remembering Sybil. Rose’s wedding! Despite all the hurdles they had to jump due to their family’s drama, Rose found her happiness. Lord Grantham and the memorial for Mrs. Patmore’s nephew. It was so sweet. I’m glad he knows about Marigold, too.
Frances: Lord Grantham figured it out! I love how casually he made his statement, too, to Cora. “Oh, hey, I got it! Marigold looks just like Gregson! Ha! Funny, ain’t it? TELL ME IF I’M WRONG, WOMAN!!” Hahahahaha!

What could have been better:

Shandle: Anna being arrested! What the hell?! No, no, no, no!
Frances: Anna getting arrested was totally unexpected. What the heck, Julian Fellowes????!!! And Lady Rose’s mom is an unhappy person. Misery wants company, obviously. Lady Rose’s dad is awesome, though.

What we’re looking forward to:

The Christmas special episodes are always the best ones. We can’t wait. We better see Anna get to come to home, though, or Julian Fellows will be on the receiving end of a serious social media hissy fit.

Shit the Dowager Says:

“Love may not conquer all, but it can conquer quite a lot.”

“Love is a far more dangerous motive than dislike.”

Girls, Season 4 Episode 6 – “Close Up”

Shandle Blaha

Girls HBO season 4 episode 6 Close Up

What I loved:

Shosh giving me a new word to add to my vocabulary: #budussy. The brunch scene – I just wanted to write it all out line by line, it was perfection. It’s what keeps me coming back to this show, the dynamic of the four of them (plus Elijah, because Elijah) together. Adam and Mimi-Rose – while I wish she had told him in a more appropriate way about what she did, I love that she was unapologetic about her right to choose what happens to her body.

What could’ve been better:

Marnie and Desi screwing to their own music? Ew, no.

What I’m looking forward to:

Hannah being a teacher? I don’t know how to feel about this.

Best lines:

“This is my cereal. You can’t just waltz into town and eat another person’s cereal. If what you want is cereal, go to the store and get some cereal, and put your name on it.” – Hannah. I feel you girl. I take my cereal very seriously.

“I can’t do – so I’ll teach!” – Hannah

“No, I don’t need you. But I love coming home and knowing you’re behind the door…wanting you like this, that’s better than needing you, because it’s pure.” – Mimi-Rose



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