In the Girls season finale, what does Caroline name her baby? What happens with Adam and Hannah? Where is Shosh headed? And on The Walking Dead, what does Carol bake this week? Is the Ricktatorship about to make a comeback? Answers to these questions and more in this week’s roundup. Beware of spoilers!

Girls, Season 4, Episode 10 – “Home Birth”

Shandle Blaha


What I loved:

Ray telling Desi how it is, FINALLY! Desi is such a douche, and I am so happy someone finally told him to his face. I hope Desi is gone for good. I loved Hermie telling Shosh exactly what she needed to hear. She is going to be so cute in Japan. I just hope this doesn’t mean she won’t be around next season. I loved Jessa stepping up for Caroline. She may have pissed me off a lot this season, but her strength redeems her. I loved that they named the baby after her. Adam and Hannah: what he said to her was so sweet and while I still think he makes her better, I was proud of her for saying no to him because I think he needs someone different. I love Fran. I hope he and Hannah are happy. They were so sweet, walking in the snow and holding hands. I loved this season. Hannah seems to finally be growing up, and they all seem to have a new life plans and goals they are working toward. I’m excited to see what comes next.

Girls HBO S04E10 Ray

What could have been better:

Whoa, Shosh’s boy with the “I’m going to be in love with you soon. Work for me and live with me” was way too fast. I’m glad Shosh chose to go to Japan, and I hope she finds a new boy who is less clingy. Also, I was sad we didn’t see any Elijah this episode.

What I’m looking forward to:

It is going to be a long year wait, but I am looking forward to seeing how Shosh does in Japan the most.

Best Lines:

“I don’t think this is legal, to self-doula.” – Hannah to Laird and Caroline

“Because I fucking hate you.” – Ray to Desi

“Don’t ever think that you get on stage anywhere where a vast majority of the crowd doesn’t think douche.” – Ray to Desi

“Just because something is happening doesn’t mean it’s not crazy.” – Hannah to Laird

“Be the walker, not the dog.” – Hermie to Shosh

“You are very strange. You’re very wise.” – Shosh to Hermie

“Let’s always hope everyone we like is alive.” – Marnie

“Life, man. I can’t guarantee perfection, but I can guarantee intrigue.” – Hannah to Jessa Hannah

“I just got lost in it all. I didn’t hold on to the right stuff, and I let my center move. And I just got lost.” – Adam to Hannah

The Walking Dead, Season 5, Episode 15 – “Try”

Nanea Hoffman

The Walking Dead s5e15 Rick

This week on the Walking Dead, we learn that the scariest monsters are the ones living inside the walls. All of the drama and tension come from the human population, while the walkers are merely shambling, ravenous, rotting targets for our fear and aggression.

What I loved:

Right from the get go, we know this is going to be deliciously surreal because Deanna is sadly rocking out to her deceased son’s Nine Inch Nails mix CD and Carol is baking an “I’m sorry your son was an asshole who got himself and Noah killed” casserole. Please, Internetz, let there be a recipe for this on Pinterest.

Also, let us bow our heads and give thanks for the fact there there was no Emo Priest Gabriel in this episode. Amen.

Carol continues to be my hero as she eggs Rick on to violence. That look on her face when shit gets real and Rick is beating the bejeezus out of Pete is priceless. She craves the return of the Ricktatorship. You can see it.

Also, can we talk about Carl and whatsherface’s little Bridge To Zombie Terebithia interlude? I kind of dug it. These are the children of the apocalypse. They don’t want to live in ruins of the old world. They are comfortable in the horror-filled world that exists. I was only a little bit squirmy at the almost-kiss. It was sweet.

The Walking Dead s5e15 Carl Katelynn

What could have been better:

I didn’t like it that Rick had what appeared to be a breakdown during his fight with Pete. I feel like it would have been much more effective if he’d just been cold and sane and matter of fact. And having Michonne step in and clock him, mid-monologue? C’mon. It was like an old Looney Tunes cartoon. Why not just drop an anvil on his head?

I’m bored of Sasha and her emotional struggles. I’m sorry your boyfriend (who was equally boring) became BBQ. But can you stop making that face and get with the program again?

The Walking Dead s5e15 Sasha

I have a feeling that Jessie was icked out by Rick’s gleeful bloodying of her abusive hubs. That makes me sad for Rick. YOU’RE TOO GOOD FOR HER, RICK.

What I’m looking forward to:

I want to know what the W’s we keep seeing on some of the walkers mean. Also, I want to see Alexandria get Rick-rolled, baby!

Best line:

“You fight or you die.”



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