What does Schmidt’s mom want Nick to tape down? Who sings an ode to stadium food? What is the source from which all feminine power emanates? Which roomfriend accidentally glitters himself? Answers to these questions and more ahead. Spoiler warnings as always.

New Girl, Season 4 Episode 19 – “The Right Thing”

Tomi Wiley James

I’m not sure why Jess isn’t back with Nick yet, but let’s put that aside for now, especially since New Girl has been renewed for another season. We have time for the writers to get their shit together. So, apparently some guy named Pete she’s been sexting with died, and because she sent a selfie in her bra (and a shirt), Jess feels the need to attend his wake. I’m not sure why, and I’m not interested in that storyline, because



No wonder Schmidt is such a rambling, control-freak mess! (A mess that we LOVE, by the way.) She’s overbearing, intrusive and completely believable as the woman who shaped one of my favorite TV characters of all time. And she inspires so. many. Nick turtle faces.

Nick and Schmidt

What I loved:

CeCe. Her face deserves a show of its own. Her reactions are priceless. And I loved her little run-in with Schmidt’s mom at the nail salon, admitting that she’s still in love with her ex, then later saying she hates she missed meeting her.

I also continue to love Jess’s ability to and enthusiasm for breaking into improvised song. She, Coach and some other dude sing about stadium food, which is pretty good. Keep that going, and let’s bring back the gay woodland animals, ‘kay?

I especially loved – again, I know – the display of Nick and Schmidt’s friendship (Nick’s little Kung Fu move when Schmidt confronts his mother, and Nick later bringing Schmidt his favorite candy, is classic and adorable).

What could have been better:

I really, really hate to say this, but I’m getting sort of bored with Jess. Something big needs to happen with her. At this point, I’m more interested in everyone besides the New Girl. I also wasn’t really into Winston’s interest in his detective partner. Let’s give Winston a deeper plot line – he’s an intriguing character, and I think he deserves it.

What I’m looking forward to:

Nick and Schmidt own part of the bar now! That’s fun, and I want to see where that goes. I’d also love to see more of CeCe and her quest to get an education: I think she’s smart and savvy and fun, and, like Winston, I think she deserves more air time. Also: NICKANDJESSNICKANDJESSNICKANDJESS

New Girl, Season 4 Episode 20 – “Par 5”

Nanea Hoffman

What I loved:

I really enjoyed Cece and Fawn having a Schmidt off. “I’ve had sex with him so many times!” I wonder if Season 1 Cece ever imagined one day she would covet that utter boob. She’d be like, “What, him?” Yasssss, girl. Him. #Schmece4Eva

New Girl s4e20 FawnNew Girl s4e20 Cece

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Let’s also take a moment to appreciate Jake Johnson’s beard. I just feel it deserves recognition. For hotness.


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I love, love, loved Winston’s storyline this ep about being a black policeman in L.A. Talk about #thestruggle. And that conversation between Winston and Nick at the end where they discover they had very different experiences growing up was great, especially because Winston firmly but affectionately puts Nick in his place. He cannot understand the experience of growing up black in this country. “When I was a kid we used to run from the police, even if we did nothing wrong.” Nick, you can sympathize, boo, but not empathize. Also, you are on timeout forever from doing Eddie Murphy impressions. I would, however, have liked to see Coach’s “race talk snacks.”

Glittery Schmidt is my favorite. And also, Fawn’s reaction: “What the Jewish god did you do?” What, indeed, Fawn.

What could have been better:

Aside from the hilarious line of Fawn’s about power emanating from the vagina . . . the lady golf tournament was kinda meh. I feel like this cast is strongest when they are all interacting with each other, not off having separate adventures. Except for when Nick and Schmidt have buddy shenanigans – I would watch that ALL DAY, SON.

Also – and let’s assume this will be a running complaint until it happens – where was the Nick and Jess? Where? I’m not saying they have to make out on the kitchen table (although, remember how awesome that was?) but I love and miss that dynamic. Bring it back, writers!


What I’m looking forward to:

The inevitable Fawn/Schmidt breakup. And the return of Ness. I WANT TO BELIEVE.

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