We take comfort seriously here at Sweatpants & Coffee, and that includes our television viewing. We’re going to be sharing our takes on our favorite shows and we’d love to hear from you about what you’re watching. This week: The Good Wife, Galavant, Downton Abbey, Hawaii 5-0, Parenthood, Bluebloods, and Banshee.

The Good Wife, S6E11 “Hail Mary”
– Nanea Hoffman

The Good Wife s6e11 Cary Agos Kalinda Sharma

I mainlined the first 5 ½ seasons of this show in about 3 weeks, and have become hugely invested. And not just because my husband says Juliana Margulies and I have the same steely yet determined gaze when we are pissed off. This drama with Cary hurts my heart. His wee sad face.

What I Loved:

– Domenick Lombardozzi as the prison consultant. I have since Googled prison consultants and learned that they are an actual thing, which is fascinating. I’ve loved Lombardozzi since he was Herc on The Wire, so it was delightful to see him pop up. Plus, now I know what to do if I’m ever on The Inside. The part where he urges Kalinda to help Cary “create a memory” is particularly awesome.
– Chris Elliot as the stand-in for Prady in the debate. Oh, Cabin Boy. I miss you.
– The overall pacing of the episode – very taut.
– Matt Czuchry’s acting. He’s taken it to a whole new level. Gone is the dude-bro of earlier seasons. Czuchry shows serious chops with the intensity and complexity he’s bringing to his character.

What Could Have Been Better:

Alicia finding out about Cary, giving a strangled “woo!” in the parking lot, and then kissing hot campaign manager guy. This might have been awesome if there had been, oh, ANY indication of chemistry between the two of them. The fact that she’s the lead and he’s an attractive dude is not enough, Good Wife writers. I expect better. Also, I am outraged on Finn’s behalf.

What I’m Looking Forward To:

The Prady debate. And some kind of explanation for that parking lot kiss.

Best Line:

“So. You rotated the tires?”

Galavant, S1E1 & S1E2 “Pilot” and “Joust Friends”
– Nanea Hoffman


This show is basically Monty Python meets The Princess Bride meets Once Upon A Time. With musical numbers. In short, it is complete awesomeness.

What I Loved:

– Timothy Omundson as the evil king/beleaguered newlywed with a shrewish wife.
– This romantic little ditty, which I expect my husband and I will croon to each other regularly:
– The joust between Galavant and Sir Jean Hamm (John Stamos) which begins with copious vomiting and ends with their two horses pathetically wandering away after their riders topple to the ground.

What Could Have Been Better:

No complaints. I was utterly delighted.

What I’m Looking Forward To:

The rest of the season. I feel good about this.

Downton Abbey, S5E1 “Episode 1”
– Shandle Blaha & Frances O’Brien

Downton Abbey s5e1

What We Loved:

The whole situation with Lady Cora, her lady’s maid, and Barrow. I’m glad that Baxter followed Moseley’s advice and confessed her past to Lady Cora. And then Lady Cora putting Barrow in his place about Baxter’s secret was icing on the cake. Her telling him that she’d have to re-think his position in the house if she found out he’d been using it against her: BURN BABY BURN. Oh, Moseley and his hair. That poor thing.

What could have been better:

Shandle: I’m over Carson and his aversion to change, especially with Daisy. I love that she wants to learn, and he shouldn’t have knocked her for wanting to try. The times they are a changin’, Carson ol’chap, and you need to jump on the train.
Frances: I always think that Lady Mary dismisses her child a lot. I mean, this was the kid she had with the love of her life, according to her. I know that back then it was customary for nannies to raise your kids if you lived as an aristocratic family, but still! Ugh.

What we’re looking forward to:

Shandle: Seeing Mary and Tony’s time together. “Let the battle commence,” indeed.
Frances: Lady Edith’s story line. I hope she surprises us!

Shit The Dowager Says:

“Principles are like prayers. Noble, of course, but awkward at a party.”

Hawaii Five-0, S5E1 “Wāwahi moeʻuhane” (“Broken Dreams”)
– Wendie Burbridge

Hawaii 50 S5E1 Alex O'Loughlin

What I Loved:

Special guest star William Forsythe played a old school gumshoe private eye who helps Five-0 solve the case. Also I very much enjoyed the classic film noir voice-overs to tell part of the story. Oh, and McGarrett (star Alex O’Loughlin) getting sweaty in a boxing scene.

What could have been better:

Danno (Scott Caan) and McG in wet suits paddling out rather than Dr. Mindy Shaw (recurring cast member Amanda Setton).

What I’m looking forward to:

Next week’s episode looks really cool— shootouts, the Five-0 team all dressed up, a stolen Van Gogh, a team stake out— it all makes for another great Friday night.

Parenthood S6E10, “How Did We Get Here”
– Christy King

Parenthood S6E10 100th ep How Did We Get Here

Image via Erika Christensen’s Instagram

What I loved:

I loved Hank’s proposal. He has come so far in his growth as a character, and especially as a man with autism; he seemed to really have a catharsis once he realized what “might not have been his fault.” To watch his evolution was incredibly moving. I also loved having Joelia back, because, Joel.

What Could Have Been Better:

It would be better if there weren’t only 3 episodes left of one of the best ensemble shows in the history of television. I didn’t care for Adam and Crosby having to be split over what to do with the luncheonette again. My friend Amy suggested an angle I hadn’t considered: that the break-in was staged. That hadn’t even occurred to me.

What I’m Looking Forward To:

I, for one, am NOT happy about this overwhelming suggestion that Zeek is going to bite it. That aside, I am curious about how they will tie up Sarah and Amber’s stories. I cannot see how they can make us feel comfortable with an ending that doesn’t include a flash-forward that provides closure, a la Lost. Here’s hoping.

Blue Bloods S5E10, “Sins of the Father”
– Wendie Burbridge

Bluebloods s5e10 Tom Selleck

What I Loved:

Seriously— anything with Tom Selleck (who plays NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan) and Donnie Wahlberg (who plays his son, NYPD Detective Danny Reagan) on the same show is awesome. Add Len Cariou as the family patriarch Henry Reagan, and the show is all kinds of great. This episode was a good one as Frank helps solve an old case involving the decades old murder of one of Henry’s fellow officers when he was a beat cop.

What Could Have Been Better:

Sometimes I really wish Selleck would relax a little and wear shorts and slippahs, break out his Ferrari, and channel some classic Magnum. I guess he is more than just a private eye now, but at times I miss the funny laugh and his naked. chest. I’ll settle for Donnie doing the same.

What I’m looking forward to:

This show makes me think and it makes me cry. Every week I enjoy the drama and the tension, and the lovely family meal at the end of the episode.

Banshee S3E1, “The Fire Trials”
– Nanea Hoffman

Banshee S3e1 The Fire Trials Antony Starr Hoon Lee

If you happen to enjoy cartoonishly violent, dark, sexy drama set in small town Pennsylvania with Amish gangsters, modern day Native American warriors, and a con man sheriff who pulls heists in his spare time, Banshee is the show for you, my friends. The season 3 opener did not disappoint.

What I Loved:

– Lucas Hood and the deputies exacting revenge for the killing of their friend and colleague. Anyone else notice that since last season, Brock has gotten real beardy and badass?
– Carrie breaking the Duck Dynasty guy’s nose after he grabs her butt.
– Lucas catching Deva and her pals breaking into the pot shop and giving her a fatherly lecture about how to commit breaking and entering without getting caught.
– JOB! Every episode needs to have a healthy dose of Hoon Lee. He steals every scene he is in.

What Could Have Been Better:

– Chayton attacking the military convoy with a bow and arrow was extra cheesy, even for a cheese lover like myself. I concede the Native American fight club scene, because it was kinda hot, but come ON with the bow and arrow. (Aside – I think Chayton would be fantastic as a character in the Walking Dead.)
– More Job.

What I’m Looking Forward To:

The Camp Genoa heist.

Best Line:

“Muthaf*cka sat on his own grenade!”

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