I’m continuing my quest of longer workouts through mindless Amazon Prime viewing in 2108. Here are a few of my binge watches since my last report.

Hand of God (Political Drama 2017)

A local judge thinks God is speaking to him after his son’s suicide. The trail to find justice for his son highlights corruption and low morals in the government. There are great performances from all performers, including Dana Delaney and Ron Perlman.

I Love Dick (Artsy Fartsy Strangeness 2017)



A New York writer takes a fellowship with a remote art colony in Texas. His film maker wife tags along. His wife develops an obsession with the owner/professor, played by Kevin Bacon. She accidentally starts the whole female population down the road of obsession with Kevin Bacon as a symbol of patriarchy. It’s weird, has lots of awkward sex, and makes fun of pretentious artists. But if you want to feel good about yourself despite the stupidest, most embarrassing, thing you’ve ever done, watch I Love Dick.


The Collection (Fashion Drama 2016)


Two brothers running a fashion house struggle to stay afloat in post World War II Paris. This is a gripping family and entrepreneurial drama. I’m still getting through this one, but the performances and fashion are wonderful.

Ekaterina: The Rise of Catherine the Great (Historic Drama 2015)

This one is all subtitles. It traces the rise to power of a German princess, who was needed to keep the Russian Royal bloodline alive. She took everyone by surprise. I think the performances are great. It’s difficult to judge since none if it is in English. But since it is all subtitles, you aren’t looking at the treadmill’s odometer for hours!

The Kettering Incident (Supernatural Drama 2106)

This one is perfect for X Files fans. It’s my favorite of the month. A doctor returns to her childhood home, only to be caught up in a  nefarious disappearance. The mystery is identical to a disappearance she was involved in 15 years prior.


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