1 - The Vampire Diaries 7x04

Excuse me while I go do my very humble “I-knew-it” happy dance.

We open with Alaric doing some kind of techy soldering, while intense music plays in the background. What is he building? Some fancy demon hunter device? Wait, nope. Rick is performing baby doll repair surgery. Unsuccessfully, I might add.

We are three years in the future and it seems that daddy Rick isn’t the only thing that has changed. Damon shows up, stunning the giggling little ones into silence (We know, girls. He is quite pretty). It seems the odd couple besties are no longer even buds. Quite the prickly pear, Damon asks to be invited in before the body count starts.

What you need to know:

It’s Halloween in Mystic Falls, and you know what that means! It’s a reason to get our characters into costume, and a convenient excuse for those public displays of the supernatural.

Everyone seems to be on a mission this week. Nora and Mary Louise have set out to find Oscar while Caroline is determined to get one of the other heretics to siphon off Valerie’s ‘no touching’ spell. Over at the morgue, Alaric is making plans to bring Jo back and, with the help of Matt Donovan, Enzo is attempting to find out where Valerie was sneaking off to in the middle of the night.

Caroline put it best while having some BFF catch-up time with Bonnie.

2 - The Vampire Diaries 7x04

Yep, their lives ARE pretty weird.

When Nora and Mary Louise come knocking for Oscar, Damon and Stefan are on the defensive. Damon admits that he has lost his one and only bargaining chip against Lily, but conveniently forgets to mention the part where he is dead.

The ladies still aren’t buying it and send a message via a self-destructing (literally) college student. They will be killing an innocent person for every hour that they do not produce Oscar.

I love it when Damon and Stefan get to work together. Hilarity always ensues. They’ve hidden Oscar in plain sight, up, over, and out the window in the middle of university housing. What? A hanging dead guy isn’t standard issue on Halloween? ? They wave to a curious (and very much alive) student made up to look as dead as Oscar before they pull him up inside the window. Gotta love Halloween on a college campus.


Stefan and Caroline hatch a genius plan to keep our lady lovers distracted and easily deterred from murderous activities. A Halloween dance, of course! (Maybe my college experience was just unusual, but I would swear that REAL College is not like this). Caroline easily manipulates Nora and Mary Louise into attending. That is one girl that knows how to get what she wants. Cutest.Conniving.Face.Ever.

3 - The Vampire Diaries 7x04

Meanwhile, Damon is working on his little Oscar problem. Bonnie can help! Why not let him be the guinea pig for the resurrection stone? Damon gets his leverage back and we can see exactly what this stone does and who it brings back (a very, very hungry vampire, it would seem). Damon is impressed, and a bit horrified.


And, we’re back in the game. Smile for mommy!


Enzo gets a full confession from Valerie about her late night excursions, but when he confronts Lily about this Julian fellow, things are much less clear. She insists that Julian was just a wonderful person and the love of her life. “Was?” Enzo inquires. “Or IS?” The look on Lily’s face says something…but we’re not sure what, and she rushes off to claim Oscar before we get the chance to find out.

Oscar is missing memories and very hungrily takes out an entire tour bus of people before Damon and Lily can stop him. What does this mean for Jo? Will a returned human have this insatiable bloodlust or is it just Lily’s favorite sons who are the ones with the ripper problems as Damon suggests?

Speaking of leverage, Stefan catches Mary Louise in a vulnerable moment and uses her to get Nora to remove the spell from Caroline’s skin. This is where you heard the mass squees of Steroline fans across the globe. Old movie style, they waste no time at all running into each other’s arms and falling into bed for their first night together. (Can I just comment on those legs for a second? WOW.)

Now that Oscar has been returned, somewhat safely to Lily, she takes this opportunity to school Damon on his decision-making skills when it comes to Elena. She gives up her location but is concerned that his determination to keep her physically near is putting her in more danger. It’s time for Damon to let her go. So who is Damon Salvatore without Elena Gilbert?

We finally see Mr. Avoidance come to terms with Elena’s absence and send her away to be looked after by Tyler Lockwood. Odd choice, but OK.

Cue the tears. *sniffle*.

What I’m loving:

So, it’s not backstory, but we get a much more in-depth look into Mary Louise, Nora, and their relationship with one another this episode. It doesn’t make them more likable exactly, but you start to understand some of their motives. These mean girls are made for one another but Nora is stretching her wings in this new century while Mary Louise is barely standing it. They have each other though, and that seems to be enough for now.

4 - The Vampire Diaries 7x04

Mary Lou is so pretty when she smiles. It almost makes you see what Nora sees in her. Almost.

What is coming up:

Enzo and Valerie strike up an alliance to keep Julian from coming back to Lily and from the look of the previews we will get to see Stefan and Valerie finally reunite next week but none of that is the real cliffhanger.

The real question is: Jo is back, so what now?


Since I was right about the twins, let me just throw a new theory out there. Is Jo our star-shaped scar-wearing baddie? If you remember in episode one of this season, Stefan says, “SHE is back.” Though, I suppose it is possible that Jo is just pulling a late shift at the hospital, leaving Alaric to perform doll-surgery and enforce bedtime rituals, that wouldn’t exactly be the dead-raising consequences we should expect from scary resurrection stone spells, now would it?


Caroline: “Sorry, no heretics allowed. Halloween is only for people who dress up as psychopaths.”

Nora: “You reek of blood.”

Damon: “Well, I’ve been – I’ve been binging.”
Stefan: “And I’ve been judging.”

Nora: “I’m getting hungry. Is it Death-O’clock yet?”

Mary Louise: “I haven’t been to a party since New Years 1902. Be honest, will I make a proper modern devil?”
Caroline: “Shouldn’t be too much of a stretch… unlike the hips of that dress.”
Mary Louise: “Would you prefer I choose a different one and dye it with your blood?”

Damon: “Stefan’s up to his hero hair in heretic drama and I’m worried that Matt Donovan’s funeral is going to cut into my social schedule.”

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