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Grey’s Anatomy, Season 11 Episode 13 – “Starting at the End”

What we loved:

MJ: I don’t know if I can say I loved anything about this episode. I didn’t hate it, but it was just overly sad. It was interesting to see Herman show her human side, but it also felt out of place.
Shandle: I loved Amelia’s speeches, they were sad but real. She talked about tumors in a way I have never heard anyone do before. She gave them the respect something that deadly deserved.
Shandle: I also loved that Stephanie stepped up and called Amelia out on her freak out. I think it was needed. And I LOVED the ceremonial burning of that awful claustrophobia-inducing radiation mask.


What could have been better:

MJ: Like I mentioned, the Herman side of things felt so in your face. She did the voice over intro, she was in or involved in just about every scene, and I was so conflicted. I felt sad for her, but it was irritating for me, because I felt like they have wanted us to dislike her and now I’m supposed to feel sad for her?
Shandle: I think they’ve been trying to humanize her to us the past few episodes. To make the pressure Amelia is feeling to save her life mean more.
MJ: Also, Amelia and her tired old feelings against Derek.
Shandle: I hate that she feels so stuck in his shadow she wouldn’t even call him for help, even just to brainstorm ideas!
MJ: I totally respected that call though, because if she had called him, his ego would have seen it as her NEEDING him. And the cycle would continue. If Herman dies? Yikes, she will never hear the end of not calling him.
Shandle: But I feel like with someone’s life on the line, with all the hours and different procedures she is going to be doing, she needed to check her ego at the door and call him at the very least to discuss.
MJ: Do you think Derek would be able to check his own ego?
Shandle: No, but I expect more out of women. 😉
MJ: Ha, well then. *Make note – be on best behavior around Shandle*
Shandle: Haha, I just mean that I think she could have dealt with Derek’s big head just one more time for something of this magnitude.
MJ: I would like to think I could do it, but I don’t think I could. When Callie stood up and said something I out loud, I was like “WTF, Callie?”
Shandle: She did that because she’s scared Herman is going to die and it’s going to wreck Arizona.
MJ: Which is weird and sweet . . . and weird.


What we are looking forward to:

MJ: Amelia and Hunt – BRING IT ON! Will they, won’t they? Just give it to me already.
Shandle: YES! And I really want to see if Amelia saves Herman.


Oh Shit, Shonda! Moment:

MJ: I think the entire episode was one big Oh Shit. A few highlights though? Herman putting Bailey’s patient on the board and  Herman at the end of the episode.
Shandle: Yeah, those last few minutes when everything just happened for Herman so fast – that was intense.

Best Lines:

“Life. Will. Out.” ~ Amelia to the audience

“Transcontinental smugness.” ~ Amelia to Meredith

“The most important part of your brain is the part that makes us hope. Dream. Imagine. One singular almost immeasurable part is what makes you you and me me. And everyone everyone. It’s technically called the fornix, but I call it The Dreambox.” ~ Amelia to the audience

“Be worthy of being looked up to.” ~ Amelia to the audience

“It’s in there, he can find it . . . what, he can’t do a little work for it?” ~ Maggie to the lunch crew

“I can get my own coffee all day long.” ~ Amelia to Hunt

How to Get away With Murder, Season 1 Episode 14 – “The night Lila Died” & Season 1 Episode 15 – “It’s all my Fault”

What we loved:

Shandle: The twists! The turns! This last episode made me feel like I was riding a roller coaster.
MJ: There was a moment where I was like “I CAN’T HANDLE ANY MORE LIES!” and of course Shonda slapped me into submission.
Shandle: It was lying about lying about lying! Layers and layers of it.
MJ: It was a 100 layer cake layered with lies.
Shandle: Let’s talk about Frank! I could not believe Frank #FrankedUp Lila!
MJ: I am still #FrankedUp. I was watching with my face about an inch from my screen, and when his face appeared I was just gutted. I have been calling him wild card for a while now, and this just confirmed it all for me.
Shandle: Yeah, he always gave me an uneasy feeling, but I never expected this. I am also dying to know what he owed Sam that he was willing to kill to settle a debt.
MJ: I think it might have something to do with his (Sam’s) ex OR Annaliese when she was his mistress.
Shandle: He definitely has some dark skeletons in his closet. I am wondering if that is what Bonnie was talking about when she mentioned knowing things.
Shandle: I loved the mention of safe sex. Props to Shonda for that.
MJ: That entire storyline, the real feelings, fear and judgement – it was beautifully done.
Shandle: It really was.
Shandle: I also loved Michaela and the whole scene with her ex’s mom.
MJ: Did you hear her accent change with her tone? It was awesome. I liked seeing her finally be the person she really is. She is tough.
Shandle: She is. She never would have been happy being a trophy wife to Aiden while he was still figuring out his own sexuality.
MJ: Which his mother obviously knew about. You saw the look on her face when Michaela said that whole speech. She knew.
Shandle: Mama always knows.
MJ: She wanted to save face. Her own face. Remember the last run in they had? How she talked to Michaela and how she wasn’t good enough not just for him, but the ‘family.’ I think it was just as much about saving her own face and his.
Shandle: Yep, you’re right. She didn’t want the scandal.


What could have been better:

Shandle: Wes on Annelise’s lap? #GREEPY.
MJ: I can’t figure that out. I know there are a lot of theories floating around . . . I don’t know that I buy any of the mother/son ties, BUT I do think she has some connection to his mother’s death.
Shandle: There is definitely more to their story.


Shandle: Douchey was extra douchey this episode.
MJ: He had some for real laugh out loud lines though – I was dying. Usually, it gets a quick eye roll. This episode, though? Tears rolling down my face. On Douchey, though – the kiss outside the house? They were right in front of the house. How was that going to keep their secret?
Shandle: He was pretty funny. It was like he finally realized he was a douche and was using it to be funny instead of annoying.
Shandle: I feel awful for Oliver.
MJ: Oh, Oliver – that made me so so sad. I feel so bad. He is so nice and sweet and really? Of the two of them? He gets hit? Just awful.

What we are looking forward to:

MJ: EGGS911 – WTF? I am so confused by that part of it all. I know she tracked down the campus cop, and they kept flashing to Nate. I just want to know what EGGS911 means!
Shandle: I KNOW! EGGS911 is going to haunt me for the next year.
MJ: Yes, this will be a ‘LOST’ moment for me. I will find myself pondering it the next time I make eggs.
Shandle: Eggs will never look the same again.
MJ: Also, Wes is so broken now. I am interested in seeing his story and seeing if he can put the pieces of his life back together.


Oh Shit, Shonda! Moment:

Shandle: Finding out it was Frank!
MJ: Yeah, getting #FrankedUp was definitely the Oh Shit for me, too.
Shandle: And a smaller one? Laurel hiding Michaela’s ring. She knew that would keep her quiet. I can see why Laurel and Frank are attracted to each other. They are both willing to do what needs to be done.
MJ: Yeah, that was a good shocker! On the note of Laurel, I was kind of annoyed with her hounding Frank every scene with a comment like “There has to be something else we can do” and making kill kill kill eyes at Frank. Although now that we know he is the killer, I am realizing Laurel is really smart and can read his true character.


Best Lines:

“What penis is ever pretty?” ~ Sorority Girls

“I’m gonna ask her nicely.” ~ Annalise to Keating Five

“Sure he shouldn’t take the trophy?” ~ Connor to Keating Five

“Say it ,and it’ll come true. Sam killed Lila. Sam killed Lila. Sam killed Lila.” ~ Annalise to Wes

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