by Shandle Blaha and Kathy Kitzmiller

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 12, Episode 5 – “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”

What we loved:

Kathy: For real, there is no amount of tequila that can fix this.


Shandle: I knew the light and fluffy we had the first four episodes wasn’t going to last, but damn that was hard. Seeing her flash back to that night, calling Penny out at the table. Amelia going all drama queen. I appreciate that as doctors April made them realize that Penny could have been any of them, despite their (and my) strong personal feelings against her. I did not feel sorry for her at all, though. She could have and should have left.
Kathy: It was such a painful build. The sound in the background. Her opening to speak at least twice. Alex knowing something was up, but not what…the whole thing was a long painful build. That line, perfect Penny killed my husband, it was like being slapped in the face.
Shandle: I loved that Alex was being a good person. It took him longer. I think Cristina would have looked at Mer looking at her and knew “bitch killed Derek,” so he needs to work on that. But once he heard, he did good. I also enjoyed her slamming the door in Callie’s face. She clearly needs better taste in rebounds.

Kathy: I have said this before, but Alex is swiftly becoming my favorite character. I completely agree. Cristina would have know immediately. She also would have kicked everyone out without question. When she asked if Mer was ok, I wanted to punch her in the face. What a ridiculous question. It’s such a cop out.
Shandle: I love that Stephanie put Jo in her place. I was scared at first that she was forgiving her too quickly, but at the end? BOOM, BITCH. I like Jo, but she was all kinds of wrong, and everything Stephanie said was on point, I think.
Kathy: And you know, she nailed it. Joe does do that. She needs to find excuses, reasons. She can’t accept that someone might BE better.

What could’ve been better:

Shandle: I wish Penny had just left. JUST LEAVE. Explain it to Callie later. Fake sick. Freaking do something! Also, let me tell you how many fucks I give that Mer was right about Derek being Penny’s “one?” That she thinks about him, remembers that night? ZERO. None. None for Penny Weiners.
Kathy: I have no sympathy for her, either. I also found the whole story to be a bit of a stretch. How did she NOT know? She had known who he was when he came in, but not about the hospital later? About his people? I find that to be super self absorbed. For someone who claims she thinks about him daily.
Shandle: EXACTLY. It’s not like Derek Shepard was a nobody doctor. People knew him. Why she would expect to go work at HIS hospital is idiotic. Also? Amelia. I get that she was hurt and shocked. But she handled that shit all wrong. I would have wanted to kill her, too.
Kathy: Watching Mer finally tell her what needed to be said really got me. I have been waiting for this blow up since the last one in the storage room. I knew it wasn’t over. I appreciated Hunt telling her to basically get over her shit. I think he is the reality check she needs in her life.

Shandle: I did not like Arizona being all “Penny is so smart, Penny is so special” either. I needed her to be jealous and hate her like a proper ex, dammit.
Kathy: I think she was just covering. She was drunk and covering.
Shandle: Ohh, maybe! I do not like that Mer was all “See you Monday.” Nope. All kinds of nope. Take a seat on the Nopecoaster. I hope Mer makes her cry. A lot. Channel her inner Bailey-Nazi.
Kathy: I don’t see this ending well at all. It is going to be a few long tense weeks. I feel there will also be a disaster of some kind in our future harming Perfect Penny, and then Mer will have to save her. Those are my predictions.

Oh shit, Shonda! Moment:

“Perfect Penny killed my husband” was it.

What we’re looking forward to:

Shandle: Seeing where Maggie and Deluca’s relationship goes. They were very cute together at the end of the episode. I’m excited for that and for Amelia and Owen.
Kathy: Oh man, she had such good lines this episode, but with all the dark drama she got kind of lost, huh. I am also a little intrigued by April and Jackson. There were a few “maybe” moments with them. I’m holding out hope for them.

Best lines:

“Find a Penny, pick it up. What? No, I’m being nice!” – Arizona

“Dr. Robbins, you drunk. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that. I like drunk Robbins.” – Bailey

“Perfect Penny killed my husband.” – Meredith

“I am vomiting my life all over the place all the time.” – Amelia

“Your hair. It’s very confident. And swoopy. It reaches out to people.” – Maggie

“I keep a very clean house” – Maggie

“You can’t even wrap your mind around it can you? That I just might be better at this than you are? That I might be stronger? Or smarter? Or more savvy? You need a reason for me to have an edge up on you. You need some deep dark secret motivating me operating circles around you. You need an even playing field before you can even be good with me. Ok, wow. Stop trying to make us even Jo, ’cause we’re not even. Deal with your jealousy. Deal with your shortcomings. Those are on you. Don’t put your crap on me.” – Stephanie

Scandal, Season 5, Episode 5 – “You Got Served”

What we loved:

Shandle: I love Smelly Cyrus! Cyrus and Mellie on his couch while he apologizes to her. Cy doesn’t do that. That was big.
Kathy: Aww, Smelly Cyrus! I was cracking up that Cy’s binge food was all fancy foods. It was big. He never rolls over like that.


Shandle: Liv’s speech during that interview was fantastic. So real and raw.
Kathy: When she changed her tone from nicey nice to raw, I let out a huge sigh of relief.
Shandle: Right? Jake was right to tell her to tell the truth. I love that they are maintaining a friendship.
Kathy: I loved watching Elise mark her territory *eye roll* as she walked out of Jake’s apartment. Jake is still her sun. He helps her see. I always felt like they were far deeper as friends than lovers.

Shandle: Yes. Patty? I love Patty. Just a few moments of her and I was like, “YOU GO GIRL!” I want to see more of her.
Kathy: Ooo, I really like her. Also, I missed Leo. That slimy idiot. I missed him.
Shandle: I admit I did, too. I liked that he called Huck and Quinn Thing 1 and Thing 2. It suits them.


Shandle: Cy’s speech to Fitz was perfect. Last week he called him his son, and tonight he proved it. It reminded me of a parent remembering little moments of his child’s life. I’m glad he’s back in the White House with Fitz. It’s where he belongs.
Kathy: I found it interesting that Fitz used some of the same verbiage Cy fed to him last week. I, um, I’m just going to say this…#trustnothing. Especially not Cyrus.
Shandle: I don’t trust him as far I could throw him, but he cares about being back in his job, so I think that will keep him in line. To a point at least.
Kathy: Cyrus scares the hell out me. He genuinely scares the shit out of me. I really liked it that Fitz was able to tell Cy things about himself. Everyone pegs Fitz for being oblivious and self centered. I just don’t see it, and I was glad to see him prove it.
Shandle: I agree. I like that he schooled him a little bit.
Kathy: Thank goodness Marcus didn’t slime out. I was worried because of his big speech last week. Thank goodness.
Shandle: I wasn’t worried, actually. For some reason, I trust him.

What could’ve been better:


Shandle: I have no complaints. Actually, it was hard to watch her face Edison and listen to him call her those names, but I know it had to happen.
Kathy: The venom in his tone when he said those four words was hard to hear.

Oh shit, Shonda! Moment:

That scene with Cy and Fitz where he gets his job back.

Scandal - Cyrus








What we’re looking forward to:

Shandle: OMG, A WEDDING?! I’m going to miss it! [Editor’s note: Shandle will be on an Icelandic cruise, so we don’t feel bad for her at all.]
Kathy: I can’t wait!!!!!

Best lines:

“She’s managed to go from a slut to an everywoman to your sister wife in 48 hours.” – Cyrus

“There is actually one thing Olivia and I agree on. I wish they’d never met, too.” – Mellie

“I haven’t had this much fun spending the night with a woman…hell…ever.” – Cyrus

“You’ve got a type.” – Liv
“So do you. Married men.” – Jake

“I drink your dreams, and I sweat your nightmares.” – Cyrus

“This band is never ever getting back together.” – Cyrus

“My biggest mistake was forgetting that we were family. Everything you did, you did for me. You are my guy.” – Fitz

How to Get Away With Murder, Season 2, Episode 5 – “Meet Bonnie”

What we loved:

Kathy: Can I just say, even the title excited me? I knew we were in for a great ride!
Shandle: Laurel getting #FRANKEDUP! That was hot. She was all, “Only if you make me scream,” and he was like, “Challenge accepted!” Rawr.
Kathy: I’m sorry, I had to wipe drool from my mouth. Holy hotness. She was so unapologetic about it, too.

Shandle: When Connor tells Oliver he loves him? I melted.
Kathy: And he called him ‘Ollie.’ Puddle. I’m a puddle.
Shandle: The talk of racism and sexism in the judicial system. I love how Shonda ties reality to her shows and doesn’t just teach but makes it entertaining so people want to watch.
Kathy: She treads such a fine line of fiction and reality. I can’t think of a single character in any of her shows who is too off base, who doesn’t probably exist out there in the real world.

Shandle: Exactly! She makes them so real. Annalise coming in when they were ganging up on Bonnie was perfect. She saved all their asses with her lie. I even loved her vulnerability with Frank and Bonnie afterward. It showed so much depth in her character.
Kathy: When she yelled at them I cheered. Protecting you like ALWAYS. I really needed a “Bitches!” thrown in at the end there.
Shandle: It totally needed a “Bitches.” Bonnie’s moment in the car was hard. She loves Annalise so much and would do literally anything for her.

Kathy: At some point, I would like to know how the three of them – Annalise, Bonnie and Frank – all came together. I want that dirty past. They are so bonded together and that kind of bond, the “take a bullet for you” bond, only comes from life changing events.
Shandle: Ditto. It is kind of what I was hoping for when I saw the title of the episode. I want the backstory!
Kathy: Now look at the five of them. They are bonded now, too. Well, almost five. I see Asher getting into the circle more now.

What could’ve been better:

Shandle: I don’t like what is going on with Connor, why he feels so antagonistic towards Annalise.
Kathy: Me either. It’s fear, I think. He acts callous to hide his feelings.
Shandle: I feel bad for Asher. His dad seems like a dick, and Bonnie is totally manipulating him. Saying I love you? Too far. I get why she is doing it, to save all of them, but damn, I feel bad for the kid.
Kathy: Manipulation is what this whole show is about. Look at Nate and Annalise. It’s like, every week I wonder who is going to manipulate who. Ha!
Shandle: That is an excellent point. No one is sincere about anything except being scared of going to jail for murder.
Kathy: YES! I want to feel for these people, but around every corner there is deception. I think, and I can’t believe I am going to say this because we have ripped on him this whole series, Asher may be the most genuine character.
Shandle: Doucheface just blew my mind.


Oh shit, Shonda! Moment:

Bonnie’s past. We have no words.

What we’re looking forward to:

Shandle: What is Asher making a statement about? Did Bonnie kill Annalise or was that blood from the prosecutor or was he trying to save one of them?
Kathy: I think and I hope that he is going to do something to protect them all. I am banking on the flash forward showing that they are not at all what we think they are. Classic bait and switch.
Shandle: *crosses fingers for bait and switch*
Kathy: Having Levi arrested is super risky. I see that getting worse before it gets better.
Shandle: I was scared it was going to be a body in his trunk. I agree, it is risky.

Best lines:

“Only because you’re a man. I don’t blame you. You were never taught not to be one, and then you add your whiteness on top of that. The police are trained to believe you. But when a woman says that she was raped, the law rarely takes our side and definitely not when the man is not alive to defend himself. So, we take other actions, protect ourselves in a way that we know the system never will.” – Annalise

“Would you like to go to jail without ever having an orgasm?” – Connor

“At least someone got her jollies today.” – Connor
“Gotta get it in while you can.” – Laurel

“What, you think the world is just going to be full of Annalise mini-mes? That we’re going to be walking around killing people for fun?” – Asher

“Are you two gay together? I’ll cut your balls off if you lie to me!” – Michaela

“You’re mine, Heisenberg.” – Cop arresting Levy

“You let me have sex with EGGS911.” – Michaela

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