By Kathy Kitzmiller and Shandle Blaha

Previously: Alex proposed to Jo, Liv left Fitz, and Annalise was shot by Wes.

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 12, Episode 9 – “The Sound of Silence”

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Can Mer catch a fucking break? I honestly don’t know how she gets out of bed at this point. From a deep-as-hell standpoint, the fact that everyone was working on her, healing her but also hurting her, the morphine button, the no sound – it just was so symbolic for me and the show.
Shandle: “Shonda must really hate her,” is all I can think. I really loved this entire episode, though. (Fun fact: it was directed by Denzel Washington!) It felt like the old Grey’s. The feelings it evoked in me, the raw emotion. It was like watching Derek pull her out of the water frozen all over again.
Kathy: Alex’s performance through that entire scene just broke me. Absolutely broke me. “Everyone in this room is her family.” 
Shandle: Who else needed tissues in that moment? Be honest!
Kathy: Also, I’m just going to throw this out there: up until that very last second, I was questioning the real relationship between Alex and Mer. I will admit that there were moments I could see them together. There were moments where I felt that he was the only one I could see her being with again, after everything.

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I guess we have to like Perfect Penny now. It always happens like this. We are supposed to hate someone, and then they have this moment that redeems them!
Shandle: I hate it when Shonda makes us like someone we hate.  Then again, there were times in the beginning when I hated Alex ,and now, I think he’s my favorite.

Scandal, season 5, episode 10 – “It’s Hard Out Here For a General”

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Even as a member of #TeamVermont, I can say this: Holy mother of sweet, sweet hotness. Olivia and Jake have always been hot together. I don’t know what else to say except, “Can someone grab me a towel? I need a cold shower.” They are obviously using each other to fill a void. A super hot void, but a void none the less. And, I guess he is still a killer. And now the NSA director. Because, of course he is.
Shandle: I needed a cold shower and a therapist after that episode. I love to hate him and hate to love him. And yes, of course, he is back in power in some way. Besides Liv, power is his obsession.
Shandle: Liv! It’s like she was cocooned in Fitz and has finally broken free! Her energy was different, her passion, the scotch instead of wine! I love her agreeing to work with Mellie. I feel like the two of them together are unstoppable. And Papa Pope calling Jake his son? I shuddered. Siblings shouldn’t do that!

Kathy: I hope this continues. I would love for her to find a little happy for a bit. I still have hope for Vermont, outside of the White House, but I feel like right now, she is kind of a mess. A beautiful, still-healing mess. It’s always a flip-flop with Shonda. Work is great? Love in the shitter. Love life great? You’re about to get fired, shot, or worse.

Abby has come so far. I love that she didn’t stand for the “work wife” role. She was so strong. She found her voice.

Shandle: I loved her yelling at Fitz! That had to take some serious strength, to yell at the leader of the free world like that. I think it was much easier for Liv and Mellie to stand up to him since they had that romantic personal relationship. Abby’s relationship with him has always been professional, and we all know how hard it is to stand up to your boss. Now, imagine your boss is THE PRESIDENT.

How to Get Away with Murder, season 2, episode 10 – “What Happened to You, Annalise?”

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Shandle: The Keating Five are bonded over another murder, only this time that annoying ADA deserved it. Well, I suppose Sam deserved it, too, but the ADA really deserved it. Wes shot Annalise, but Laurel took the fall for it with the gang, and I’m not sure her reasoning made sense. So, she spends most of this episode playing Wes’ mommy, while Frank takes on the role of daddy, feeding everyone.
Kathy: Right? It was very strange. I almost want to call them The Keating Seven, at this point. They were a family, having family dinner. A table surrounded by murderers, liars, and love? Is love the right term, or is it more fear? Any way you slice it, I think we will see their bond continue to grow.
Speaking of playing mommy, Bonnie brings Annalise home from the hospital and makes several awkward attempts to restore their twisted bond. Then, she drugs her.
I still can’t figure out Bonnie. She seems to be great in a crisis. Well, any crisis that isn’t her own. I was slightly annoyed that we didn’t see much between her and Asher, though.

Well, that was a lot of sad, weird, emotional baggage. I think I get it, though. I say that with zero confidence.

Shandle: Yes. I doubt we were the only ones confused. Let’s try to break this down. She has a complete mental breakdown, which she, herself, doesn’t even realize, thanks to Bonnie drugging her. She shows up to court, drugged, and ruins her chance to testify by breaking privilege with Catherine Hapstell and telling the court she didn’t kill her parents. Then, Catherine admits to shooting Annalise, even though we know she didn’t do it. And then they all celebrate.

Our “Oh shit, Shonda!” Moment of the night: Annalise’s Past Pregnancy! 

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Her baby, possibly? I am getting from this that that is her baby. What happened to her baby, I have no idea. Here’s where I get lost.

Shandle: Ditto. Is Wes her baby? Is he a surrogate for some baby she lost/gave up?
Kathy: Christophe. When we first saw him, wasn’t he younger? Or, am I imagining that? I didn’t realize that Annalise actually knew his mother. In fact, I feel like we had discussed something far more sinister than them being friends.
Shandle: I do feel like he was younger. You aren’t imagining that. I feel like everything I thought I knew was a lie.
Kathy: I feel like we fell down a rabbit hole. Or a Shonda hole.
Shandle: Total #Shondahole.

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