Shandle is a contributing writer and assistant managing editor at Sweatpants & Coffee. MJ is a TV Fanatic who’s childhood nickname was “The TV Guide.” She also blogs at Daisy & June. They’re back to discuss the emotional rollercoaster in the amusement park that is Shondaland. Get out your Olivia Pope giant wine glass, and pour yourself a drink. Spoiler warnings, as always!

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 11, Episode 12 – “The Great Pretender”

What we loved:

Shandle: I loved Amelia getting jealous when Hunt told her Herman was flirting with him. I kind of love seeing Herman having a personality and getting all school girl about the gossip.
MJ: I loved seeing her fall all over her words trying to ask him about it and then the entire “I have no game” conversation.
Shandle: I thought Amelia was so cute showing up at his place with sparkling water and admitting she had no game.
MJ: OMG, the trailer! It made my heart all swoony. How many freaking people have stayed in that damn thing?
Shandle: That trailer has seen some things. If walls could talk.
Shandle: I also loved that Bailey automatically started using the right pronouns for Ben’s sister, and then tells him that it isn’t about him.
MJ: That part made me happy and sad. I kept rolling my eyes at Ben.
MJ: Can we talk about the #Smotherist? I dated a few of those. Clearly it never lasted. Why didn’t I fake fainting?? GENIUS.
Shandle: That poor couple. He clearly had issues, but dammit, woman! Just use words and tell him!
MJ: One last thing – I feel it’s important to mention. I actually liked Herman this episode. Can you believe it?
Shandle: Me, too! It was shocking.


What could have been better:

Shandle: Ben’s reaction to his sister. For some reason, I expect doctors to be more enlightened but they are just people I guess.
MJ: Well, Ben has always been so reasonable. However, I totally understood why he was upset. It wasn’t about the actual transition. It was the secret that really hurt him.
Shandle: Yeah, I guess for me in that moment, the secret, the transition, none of it would have mattered because she was alive you know? They had a real scare.


Oh Shit, Shonda! Moment:

Shandle: Amelia and Hunt’s kiss!
MJ: Yes!!!

What we are looking forward to:

Seeing how Amelia and Hunt’s relationship develops.

Best Lines:

“I just want to be happy with who I am.” – Rosaline

“This isn’t about you, Ben. This is her song. So, get off the stage and let her sing it.” – Bailey

“I want to be out of my pajamas” – Callie – SAID NO SWEATPANTS & COFFEE FAN EVER! ←- Trufax!


Scandal, Season 4, Episode 13 – “No More Blood”

What we loved:

Shandle: I love how Liv outsmarted them at the first hand off.
MJ: I loved how she outsmarted them, too, but then when he asked her later, she totally fell for it. I mean, that whole Russian conversation – it’s the classic “which dress do you like better” question. YOU ALWAYS PICK THE OPPOSITE. Oh, and Huck. Good old literal Huck
Shandle: RIGHT? I couldn’t believe she gave away that she wanted to go with Marie Wallace. Huck took care of it without breaking his promise to Quinn. Plus, Andrew deserved it.
MJ: The women in this episode really owned it. They handled all the business.
Shandle: They really did! Lizzie was brave as hell going to Huck in the first place, then Abby saved the day by outsmarting Cy and contacting Interpol. Liv laying into Fitz about starting the war. Everything Cy should have said to him when this all started, she told him. While I didn’t like Cy plotting to kill Liv, obviously, like he said, it was the right call and what the President would have done if it his heart wasn’t in enemy hands.


What could have been better:

Shandle: I honestly thought this was the perfect end to this arch.
MJ: Me, too – ZERO complaints.

Oh Shit, Shonda! Moment:

Shandle: STEPHEN! Seriously shocked me. I never expected to see him again. I was sure it would be Papa Pope. Then Olivia grabbing a gun, shooting Gus, then kicking the shit out of him? Perfect.
MJ: I was so happy to see him. I wonder how many people out there forgot who he even was.
Shandle: My poor husband was confused by my excitement. He started watching with me in season 2.


What we are looking forward to:

Shandle: Liv and Fitz’s relationship after their blow up fight.
MJ: Whew! That was one hell of a fight. It makes the one tiff I had with David over laundry last week seem really stupid
Shandle: Hey, going to war and innocent people dying is just as rage inducing as laundry!
MJ: “Babe, where are all the damn socks?!” ←– my husband would totes brawl over socks

We felt like this whole scene was needed here. There aren’t enough words to describe it.

Best Lines:

“This is as high as you fly, Andrew. Go any higher and you get shot down.” – Mellie

“And you can take your flowers and your daisies and your love conquers all and you can choke on it.” – Cy

“People are endlessly disappointing. Because you hope that they won’t be.” – Papa Pope

“The fate of our nation is more important than the life and liberty of one individual.” – Abby

“You saved me. I never thought I’d have the chance to return the favor.” – Stephen

How To Get Away With Murder, Season 1, Episode 13 – “Mama’s Here Now

What we loved:

Shandle: Annalise’s mother. Everything out of her mouth in the first few minutes was hilarious, and then later her thoughts about men were so profound.
MJ: When her mom came on the scene I was dying. I want to be her. Fast forward 50 years from now – that will be me. Giving zero fucks.
MJ: I love the punches – Shonda doesn’t pull a single one. Pick a hot button issue, it’s there. Feminism, rape, hate crimes, infidelity – she’s like, “Here it is, all in your face.”
Shandle: Right?! She just shoves it right in your face without apology.
MJ: Bonnie getting drunk. Anyone else waiting for her to start pacing the street barefoot, demanding fifty cents? No? Just me? #Youvebeengilmored


Shandle: HAHAHA Yessss! But let’s be honest. Paris would be a far better lawyer than Bonnie was tonight.
MJ: Yep. Paris would have white boarded that entire case. Oooooo, speaking of Bonnie – can we talk about her and Douchey? They are so going steady.
Shandle: He is totally smitten with her. It lessens the douche when he is being sweet to her.

What could have been better:

MJ: Dare I say nothing? Again?
Shandle: I’m with you. I could be pedantic and beg for a resolution a week early, but I don’t really want to.

Oh Shit, Shonda! Moment:

Shandle: Rebecca and the truth about Rudy.
MJ: Rebecca is a liar from liar town who tells big fat lies
Shandle: Her pants are totally on fire. And why was she tracking Wes’ phone?
MJ: Well, remember he kept blowing off all her calls. So, in classic crazy stalker or #smotherist fashion, she tracked him.
MJ: All of AnnaMAE’s past history – the uncle, the fire…all of it.


What we are looking forward to:

Shandle: The truth. We thought we had it. And then BOOM.
MJ: Yep, classic Shonda. Also, I can’t get enough of Connor and Oliver.
Shandle: They are seriously cute. I ship #Coniver.


Best Lines:

“Your boss came outta my V and her daddy’s P.” – Mama

“Somebody’s always the student, somebody’s always the teacher. That’s how sex works best.” – Mama


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