If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

If you’re too much—bold, loud, opinionated, emotional—they won’t like you.

Wait for permission.

Be a good girl.

Who do you think you are?

Any of these sound familiar? This is what society tells you, if you’re a little girl with a lot to say. And then one day, you’re a big girl who says these things to herself. Except. Except, except, except . . . the world needs to hear your story, however big or small or loud or quiet or strange or sad or funny or outrageous it might be, and only you can tell it. How then, to find the courage? Well, it starts with nourishing yourself. Which is why we at Sweatpants & Coffee are utterly in love with author and writing coach Jen Violi’s new Write-amins. If you take them, you’ll grow nice and strong.

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Every week, Jen delivers inspiration and encouragement to your mailbox, like a delightful goodie basket, and she’s distilled this juicy wisdom into an easy to swallow potion: Write-amins: Elixir Of Venus. She’s the girlfriend who drops by with encouraging words and that crucial bit of insight you need in order to move forward, the one who gives you a loving kick in the ass. You’ll get writing prompts, inspiring quotes, and step by step guidance on how to find your voice. If you’re the type who finds yourself sitting at the computer or with your notebook wondering what to do next, this is exactly what you need. EOV is your way in to your story. “It can be excruciating to sit down to write, blasted by the glare of white page or screen, like a deer in headlights. With the EOV, you don’t have to agonize over “Where do I start?” You’ll simply be able to begin.”


Best of all? Sweatpants & Coffee readers get a sweet discount. A year’s worth of Write-amins is $129. Think about that. How much money have you spent on writing courses and books? You get delicious, inspiring coaching for less than 3 bucks a week. Yum. And if you click here and subscribe this week using the code “willendorf” you’ll get $30 off. Go on. It’s time for you to speak.

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