Imagine your local barista, pulling a great shot of espresso or a foamy cappuccino, just for you. What could be better than that? How about if that barista was you, and you were able to do it all easily, right in your own home? You can, with the help of the EspressoWorks All-In-One Espresso Machine Set.

David Kassin and his partners at EspressoWorks know espresso—at their small company they make 30 to 40 shots a day. “My partners and I have always been caffeine junkies, and have owned many types of in-home machines, always trying to find a better machine each time,” he says. They took that experience and created their own system, which allows an average Joe to become a barista the minute they open the box. The set comes with all you need to take your favorite coffee beans to the next level, including the coffee grinder to the espresso cups and everything in between.

Why brew at home? “Convenience and value,” David says. “There’s nothing like waking up and pulling a shot of espresso in your PJs, especially during the weekends, when you really don’t want to leave your house early in the morning. You also save tons of dollars by brewing at home as opposed to paying the high prices at local coffee shops.” Nervous at the prospect of making in home espresso? Don’t be. The machine comes with an illustrated quick start guide to lead you through the process. EspressoWorks also supports the product they are so proud of. “Our Customer Service team is available around the clock to answer any questions and help you with your machine at any time.”

The EspressoWorks machine set is affordable and complete, both important factors to David and his partners. Also important? Making it easy. “That’s the beauty of this machine,” David says. “It’s a professional machine, yet very easy to use.”

The Review:

After a read of the quick start guide, I was easily able to set up the machine and get it ready to brew. Inserting and tamping the grinds with the included scoop/tamper into the brew basket (I chose to make double espressos because go big or go home, right?) was simple enough, though it took a little more muscle to insert the filter holder into place than I thought it would (after the first try it was a no brainer.)

The one thing I assumed incorrectly was that the machine would turn off automatically after the proper amount of espresso was brewed—it didn’t, and I made a bit of a mess the first time. After checking the instructions more carefully I realized the machine needs to be turned off manually after your cup of espresso is brewed. The machine works pretty quickly so this isn’t a big deal, but is something for us automatic-drip users to make note of. One minor irritation is that a traditionally sized coffee cup will not fit under the brew head. Fortunately, two appropriately sized espresso cups are included in the box that fit perfectly, and they measure out when to turn the machine off for a perfect brew. And a tasty brew it was!

The milk frother was also very simple to use. I filled the enclosed metal frothing cup 1/3rd of the way full and, following the directions, was able to steam a thick foam easily, even out of my 1% milk (I can only imagine how fluffy and creamy full fat milk would have been…yum…). This made cappuccino making as easy as pie, and I can imagine using it for making other coffee drinks as well. Now I just have to learn to make those pretty designs in the milk foam like the pros do!

Cleaning the machine was straightforward. Although there are a few steps involved, none were challenging or time consuming, and removable parts and trays made rinsing out the appropriate parts of the machine simple to do. I feel confident that I can keep my machine clean and ready for use any time I want a fancy brew at home.

All in all, I was very pleased with the EspressoWorks machine set. It made even a novice like me into an instant barista. With the holidays not so far away, I can see this as an excellent gift for the coffee aficionado in your life, or something to have in your own home as family and friends descend, looking for a caffeine intervention.

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