We begin this week’s episode at the Sheriff’s Station of Havenport. I am beginning this episode with the anticipation for the moment Weston and Roderick come face-to-face.

Weston recognizes Roderick’s voice as he’s walking through the Sheriff’s station. He gets his attention by saying “Excuse me, sheriff” to which Roderick casually replies “What can I do for you?” Maybe he thought that Weston wouldn’t recognize him since they beat him within inches of his life? At this point, Weston has drawn his weapon and asks Roderick to put his hands up. Roderick just stands there and says “Shouldn’t you be at the hospital right now? Near death?”

“I’m right here and you need to put your hands up, now.”
“That’s not gonna happen.” Roderick walks out the door at the Sheriff department and Weston is grabbed by deputies since he has a weapon drawn. In the next scene, the FBI is working on locking down the town since they’ve identified Roderick (whose faculty adviser at college was Carroll) and vetting all deputies in the sheriff’s department to find out who else is compromised.

Back at the mansion, Joe asks Emma to keep a closer eye on his wife and son. She scoffs, saying that Claire hates her because she stole her son and is sleeping with her husband. Emma assures Joe that their relationship will stay between them since it’s more fun that way. Jacob walks in, informing Joe that there are no news of Daniel Monroe’s death. Right in that second, Roderick rushes in, panicked.

“We’re royally screwed. We need to execute our escape plan.”
“I need you to calm down.”
“We’re in trouble here, Joe, and it’s your fault. We need to leave, now.”
“It’s not time yet.”

Roderick is panicked, suspicious, and has grown paranoid to the point where it seems like he’s not trusting Joe. He suspects that Joe has a different plan that he hasn’t told Roderick about.

“I’m the one out there while you sit here, day after day, writing a book, wining and dining a wife that’s never going to want you back.”

Joe snaps, grabbing Roderick by the throat. For a second, it really looks like he’s going to just kill Roderick right there and then, but he ends up throwing him across the room.

Jacob interrupts their face-off by telling Joe that Ryan Hardy is on the news.

“If any follower of Joe Carroll is willing to cooperate with the federal authorities, they will be given full immunity from prosecution for any crimes he or she may have committed. This is a one-time, one-day, first come first serve deal only. I’m speaking to that one person that simply made a mistake by following Joe. There is still time for you. You can turn back, be completely exonerated, if you just help us.”

Joe turns off the TV, saying that the FBI is clearly desperate but “we are not.”

Outside, Joey and Claire are taking a walk. Claire is telling Joey that he can’t trust anyone, not even Jacob, who is Joey’s favorite because he played video games with him. Roderick walks out in a fit, throws Claire to the ground, and kidnaps Joey.

Claire is, understandably panicking, and Joe tells her that she needs to calm down. “I’m having a really bad day.”

He tells his followers to “Bring my son back and kill Roderick. He betrayed us. Make him suffer, if you can.”

Roderick is trying to escape town and the road blocks by having a waitress drive him out of town by using a fake ID. They’re stopped at a road block and Roderick kills the police officers who ask him to step out of the car. Roderick is just about to kill the waitress when he’s surrounded by the FBI. But where is Joey?

Back at the sheriff’s station, Roderick tells Ryan that he took Joey as an insurance policy because he’s impulsive. He tells Ryan that he can call Joe and ask him to verify that he took Joey. Using his cell phone, he calls Joe and puts him on speakerphone. Upon hearing Ryan’s voice, Joe seems a little taken back.

“I take it from this call that you have Roderick in custody.”
“Staring right at him. He’s about to tell me where I can find you.”
“If that were true, we’d be having this conversation in person. Clearly, this call is about something else entirely.”
“He has been telling me a very interesting story about Joey. Is it true?”
“Would you please tell Roderick that if anything were to happen to my son, I will personally peel the skin from his body.” (Well, I’d say he’s a little pissed.)
“Wow. Things really aren’t going your way, are they Joe?” Ryan hangs up the phone, looks at Roderick, and says “Let him sweat,” which makes Roderick smile.
“It’s simple. I give you the boy and you give me my freedom.”

Ryan is understandably frustrated because he’s not authorized to make a deal with Roderick and is afraid of something happening to Joey as they’re looking for another way to handle the situation. He walks back into the interrogation room, unplugs the camera, and breaks Roderick out of custody. “You take me to Joey and I cut you loose” he promises Roderick. Roderick tells Ryan to get rid of his gun and his cell phone, unless he wants Joey dead.

Emma tells Joe that everyone is freaking out and Joe tells her that everyone just needs to calm down because they’re safe. She tells him that she’s worried about Joey and tries to kiss Joe. He pulls away.

“You need to stop this. Now I realize I may have given you mixed signals regarding certain parts of our relationship.”
“It’s called sex, Joe.” Feisty, aren’t we?
“Yes, Emma. It is sex. That’s all it is and nothing more.”
“I’m not some sniveling school girl.”
“You should also know that it has its proper place and time, and clearly, this is not it. Now is the time you should worry about Joey’s life since you were so neglectful of it earlier.”
“Are you blaming me? Joey was with your wife.”
“You had one job since the beginning and that was to watch over my son.” Emma begins protesting, whining, gets slapped by Joe, and runs out of the room. I guess even she has her limits?

Roderick has taken Ryan to a house where he claims to be holding Joey. As they walk inside, Weston comes out of the trunk (YEAH) and obviously Ryan isn’t completely gone off the deep end. He’s actually working with the FBI with this plan to use Roderick to get Joey. As Ryan takes Joey out of the closet, Roderick draws a gun to shoot Ryan, is stopped by Weston but then shot multiple times by someone outside. (Jacob and his buddies, I’m sure.)

So they now have Joey but Roderick is dead and there are three of Joe’s men outside shooting into the house. Weston takes Joey while Ryan covers downstairs. Weston has Joey hide in a room, telling him that he’s going to check the house. Weston is attacked by one of the followers (hasn’t he had enough?!) as Ryan is attacked by another downstairs. Joey trips over the dead body under the bed and screams, running outside the room where Jacob finds him and takes him. Ryan and Weston have killed the two men and go after Jacob and Joey.

“I gotta bring him back to Joe. He’s counting on me.”
“Joe doesn’t care if you live or die. Jacob, he’s just a kid man. You gotta do what’s best for Joey. I know you care about him, Jacob. He doesn’t deserve this. Let him go.”
“Please, let me go Jacob,” please Joey to Jacob, who is also crying, clearly torn.

Ryan draws closer to where Jacob and Joey are hiding to find Joey, alone.

“You’re Ryan Hardy. My mom said you were one of the good guys.” (YAY!)

The place is now surrounded by police, FBI, and press. Claire is still at the house, watching the news, and sees Joey safe and sound.

Jacob is back at the house (isn’t that kind of stupid?) where Emma asks him what happened, saying that she just wants to make sure he’s OK.

“We’re going to die soon. I can feel it,” replies Jacob.

Claire walks into Joe’s office, where he’s typing away furiously.

“I know you’re upset.”
“Yes, and I’m processing those feelings using the therapy of words.”
“Joe. I’m here. I want to make a deal.”
“I’m listening.”
“I’ll stay. I’ll do everything you ask, under one condition.”
“You’re not going to hear me out.”
“You want me to give up Joey.”
“It’s not the life I want for him. I know it’s not the life you want for him. So I won’t fight you. I’ll stay but it’s just going to be you and me.”
“And you’ll be OK with that?”
“Eventually, yes.”
“Why should I believe you?” (Because mama bear does what mama bear has to in order to keep her son safe)
“You don’t have to. Time will be the truth. I loved you once, Joe. Maybe I can learn to love you again. At least let me try.”
“If I give up Joey. But you’re scared of me.”



She just stabbed him in the side.


Joe’s next move is to call Ryan, telling him that their story has taken an unexpected turn. “It’s bad, Ryan. It’s really really bad. It’s complete rewrite. Suffice it to say, it has not been a very good day.”
“What happened? Where’s Claire?”
“It has transpired that Claire is no longer our leading lady. She will not be riding off into the sunset with me. Sadly, it is time for Claire to die.”

The episode ends with Melissa, one of Joe’s followers who wants to turn herself in. They make the mistake of turning their back on her for a second because the psychobitch jumps on the back of the FBI agent and literally claws his eye out before she’s shot to death by Weston and Ryan.

Because bitches be crazy.

Berrak is a writer for Sweatpants & Coffee and knows better than to turn her back on a cult member.

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