A friend found this desk while jogging one day, “It looks pretty terrible but I thought you may want it”, she says, knowing that I’ll want it as soon as she answers the question she already anticipates me asking, “Is it real wood?”

She already has the keys to her truck in hand.

The desk was real wood, alright. Real wood means two things to a Furniture Rehabbing Enthusiast:

1) Sand-able or paint-able
2) Heavy as hell

Desk 1

It’s a damn shame those things go hand in hand. Clearly, I don’t make the rules.

My plan was to refinish and flip the desk as a dressing table or vanity.

Desk 4
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1 hour and 4 cans of spray paint later . . . presto-change-o! I’m pretty impressed with the results. I should have believed in you more, little behemoth. Allow me to make it up you by spray painting you a matching chair.

Desk 8

I think it’s pretty damned cute. It will work for the 6 months or so that I use it before I get bored and sell it. Either way, I win.

slide Desk reno

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