“Unbox Happiness.” This advice, written on the side of this month’s TheraBox, is something founder Ting Ting Jiang takes seriously. “I’m a practicing therapist based in Los Angeles. As a life-long happiness and inspiration junkie, I’ve always been drawn to the human potential to live the life of their dreams. However, I also knew first hand and through my practice as a therapist all the roadblocks along this brutal yet beautiful journey of life,” Ting Ting says. “As a life-long overachiever, I often ran on autopilot and forgot to enjoy the simple things in life. It wasn’t until I started practicing what I preached in therapy, and began using these happiness-boosting activities, that I truly began finding more joy in life.” Ting Ting knew she wanted to share those activities with the world, and thus, TheraBox was born.

TheraBox is a monthly subscription service designed to inspire happier lives through joy boosting activities and stress reducing wellness goodies based on the concept of neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to continually reorganize itself every single day by forming new neural connections throughout life. Neuroplasticity allows you to literally change your brain and create a happier life, based on your actions and thoughts. For example, the premiere TheraBox incorporated the concept of a gratitude jar. TheraBox asked their subscribers to recall 3 things they are grateful for daily. “Gratitude acts much like a natural antidepressant, because our every thought and action results in a release of chemicals in the brain,” Ting Ting says. “By recalling 3 things we are grateful for daily, we can activate certain regions of our brain and promote dopamine and serotonin production. Dopamine and serotonin are often considered as our bliss neurochemicals and fire when we do things that bring us pleasure. Procrastination, self-doubt, and lack of enthusiasm are linked with low levels of dopamine, while depression and loneliness are associated with deficiencies in serotonin. It’s no wonder why most medications prescribed to treat depression focuses on increasing levels of serotonin and dopamine production in our brain.”

Each TheraBox incorporates one happiness boosting activity and 4 to 6 wellness goodies sourced from artisan vendors. “Therapists on the TheraBox team curate the happiness boosting activity in each box, and we curate products that are handmade, natural, organic, artisan, and consciously crafted,” Ting Ting says. “We source many of our products from Etsy sellers, because we believe in supporting local businesses and absolutely love unique hand-made artisan natural/organic products! We also love Korean beauty, so we source products straight from Korea and work with popular Korean brands. ­­We have one rule when sourcing products: we only source products we would gladly use ourselves, or recommend to our friends/family.”

Ting Ting knows that the secret to happiness is making your own. “I’m a firm believer in happiness being a consistent practice, and I know first-hand how difficult it is to remember to take care of myself,” she says. “TheraBox is created base on these philosophies to be a gentle monthly reminder to take care of our needs and reduce the barriers to happiness.”

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The Box Review

The Happiness Activity: Happy Pills by TheraBox, available to purchase at the TheraBox Happy Shoppe

The large happy pill pulls out into a pen and the small happy pills open to reveal slips of paper. The activity is to write a 5 to 10 minute self care process on each slip of paper, such as a 10 minute meditation or a 5 minute dance party. Then you put all of the pills back into the bottle, close your eyes, and choose one at random. The quick self-love activity is bound to bring more joy into your life. This activity is not only adorable to look at, it’s essential to practice. Self care needs to be prioritized in everyone’s life.

Happy Tea by Your Tea

The box came with 40 bags of tea—a huge amount. The tea itself was a high quality herbal with a pleasant, grassy taste. I didn’t need honey but your mileage may vary.

Warrior Semicolon Necklace by TheraBox, available to purchase at the TheraBox Happy Shoppe

This delicate necklace, depicting the word “warr;or” (the “i” has been replaced with a semicolon) packs a powerful message—the semicolon movement reminds us that though we have the choice to end the sentence of our lives with a period we choose not to, we add a semicolon to show there is much more to come. A lovely piece of jewelry that is more than just decorative.

Flying Wish Paper Kit by Flying Wish Paper

The kit came in a greeting card complete with envelope, perfect for giving. My son and I really enjoyed this activity. We wrote our wishes on the slips of paper (it said it included three but I actually had five), followed the preparation instructions, and lit them one by one, watching them soar to the ceiling at the last second. It was fun and safe, and it made us smile.

Green Tea Incense by Lively Soul Shop and a ceramic incense holder by TheraBox, available to purchase at the TheraBox Happy Shoppe

This incense smells so clean and fresh—almost like just washed laundry. Even if you are not an incense person you will love this. I found myself sniffing the TheraBox itself constantly I loved the scent so much. The small incense holder was a pretty and useful accessory.

Scinic Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask by Scinic, also available to purchase at the TheraBox Happy Shoppe

I had never tried a sheet style mask before, so it was a new experience. After scaring my kids (heh) I sat and relaxed with the mask on my face. It was a peaceful experience and my skin looked great afterward.

All Natural Strawberry Lip Balm, available to purchase at the TheraBox Happy Shoppe

I didn’t detect much of a flavor in this balm, but it glided on smoothly and smelled lovely. It was very hydrating.

I was very pleased with the quality and luxury of the product selection in TheraBox, and found it to be an excellent value for the money. I would highly recommend a subscription for yourself or for someone who needs a monthly dose of happy.

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