Like most great ideas, this one came to me when I should have been sleeping. I was thinking, “I wish I had a cup of coffee. Coffee soothes me.” Coffee at 2 a.m. when I was already having trouble sleeping would not be a good idea, and decaf is against my religion. I just really wanted a mug of coffee to hug and cuddle with as I fell asleep. The light bulb suddenly went off! A PLUSH COFFEE CUP! I quickly messaged my talented friend Stephanie of Fleece Menagerie and asked if she thought it was a possibility. She is brilliant, so of course she said yes. After a few questions about size, shape, and color, she quickly designed her own pattern. A few short days later, I had my soft, squishy, lovable cup in my hands! It is my new reading buddy, TV companion, and nap partner.

Fleece Menagerie Plush Coffee Cup_600px

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I’ve always been a fan of Dali’s art, especially his melted clocks. While perusing for Christmas present ideas, I came across a version of one of his famous clocks! I knew it would fit perfectly hanging from my desk. I love working and listening to the quiet tick-tock as it hangs from its shelf.

Dali Clock Think Geek 1Dali Clock Think Geek 2

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Fall is fast approaching, and some of my favorite fall items to wear are Beyond Words Exersocks. They are soft, colorful, and have those little grips on the bottom that keep me from falling on the hardwood floor as I wander into the kitchen in my zombie-like state, searching for coffee in the morning. What I love about these socks are the words printed on the top and bottom reminding me to be calm or be focused. They are great to wear while doing yoga or pilates or following that exercise video barefoot in your living room.

Beyond Words Exersocks 1 Beyond Words Exersocks 2

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