What happened: We start where we left off, with Ray and Frank facing each other down, and sadly it is not a shootout in Frank’s kitchen. Ray confronts Frank about the name he gave him, and Frank tells him that he thought the guy was the one who raped Ray’s wife. They come to an agreement that Ray will help Frank find the hard drive Frank needs, and in return Frank will tell Ray the name of the guy who (supposedly) lied to them both. I’m not sure if I buy it. I think Frank had reasons for giving Ray that name.

Ray visits the man in jail who raped his wife and graphically explains what he wants to do him, and then later he has his first supervised visit with his son. They watch “Friends” and eat pizza. Ray tries to tell his son that no matter what happens or what he learns he will always be his dad. That night, Ray falls off the wagon and does several lines of coke before calling his ex-wife and begging her not to tell his son the truth about his conception. That he’ll stay away if she doesn’t.

Frank visits Stan’s widow and gives her an envelope of cash. He shares a surprisingly sweet moment with Stan’s son, and then he puts his Gangster Face back on and tortures a guy to find Irena. He goes the apartment Irena is supposed to be staying at and is met by the Mexican Cartel guys in an “authentic Mexican standoff.” They have Irena call Frank. She tells him that she got Caspere’s stuff from a cop. Frank wants to meet, and when he arrives he finds her dead.

Ani and Paul make headway on the case. They find out the blood in the shack is female, and Paul finds out that the diamonds were originally stolen in 1992 during the LA police riots. Two young kids watched their parents die, a boy and a girl who look suspiciously like Chassani’s kids. Ani’s sister gets her into the party, and after being forced to do drugs, she stumbles around trying to keep her head straight. The drugs and sex make her flash back to a creepy guy asking her to find a unicorn and leading her to his van. A creep tries to get to her to have sex, but she manages to get away to the bathroom to vomit up the drugs. It’s there that she finds Vera. Creep isn’t happy, and she ends up stabbing two men to get away. Paul and Ray aren’t far behind, and Paul manages to steal some contracts signed by Agronov and McCandless (and probably Geldof who was also in attendance) who are doing dirty deals together that have to do with the lands they were investigating.



What I loved: Frank’s moment with Stan’s son. Ani and her knives. So badass. And she finally found Vera!

What could’ve been better: Ani’s flashbacks of that creepy man when she was a kid while high on Molly at the party. Hell of a bad time to flashback to childhood abuse. Also, Irena getting killed. Those Mexican Cartel guys are serious assholes.

What I’m looking forward to: With only two episodes left, I want some answers!

Best lines:


“If that’s the kinda thing that keeps you outta heaven, I don’t wanna go.” – Frank

“On the ropes ain’t the same thing as bleeding out.” – Frank

“Key on my eyes dipshit, see if I’m whistling Dixie.” – Ray

“That’s what pain does, it shows what was on the inside.” – Frank

“Try not to stab anyone, unless you have to.” – Paul

“That’s one for the bucket list, a Mexican standoff with actual Mexicans.” – Frank

“I think I…I think I killed someone.” – Ani


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