Spoilery spoilers abound. Reader beware.

What Happened: Paul died, Frank became a pyro maniac, Ani and Ray had sex and I’m still just as confused about the case as I was before.

Ani and Ray are in a hotel, and Ani is having a rough time coming down from her high. She isn’t making sense to Ray and she awkwardly tries to get him to have sex with her which Ray declines. While they’re discussing what happened at the party, Paul gets a text that contains photos of him and his army buddy kissing. He ducks out quickly and goes to get his fiancée. She received a call telling her ask him about the photos. He tells her it’s about the case and wants to take her somewhere safe. He rents a room for her and his mother and leaves them to watch old movies on TV.

Ani has an APB out on her for killing that security guard at the party and has to convince her sister and father to get out of town for a while. They meet in the woods and Ani shares a surprisingly sweet moment with her dad. She tells him she remembers the man’s face that took her, but not anything else that happened. Her ex-partner shows up and follows them both out of town to ensure they get out safely. Ani goes back to the hotel and questions Vera about the photos. We learn that the woman who took the photos was named Tasha and she is probably the one they killed in that cabin. Vera is also pissed at Ani for “rescuing” her. She said she had a good thing going with Tony Chessani and wasn’t missing at all.


Ray and Frank meet, and Ray fills Frank in on the papers Paul stole from the party. Caspere’s share in the rail project was sold to Tony Chessani and Osip and Black was somehow involved with Catalyst and McCandless. Frank tells Ray that he talked to Irena and found out that the stuff she pawned was given to her by a cop. Frank goes on the warpath after learning what Ray had to say and beats a confession out of Blake. The name he gave as the man who raped Ray’s wife was a guy who was a problem for him. Blake tries to talk Frank into letting him live, revealing Osip’s plans to buy the liens for the club and casino. Frank lets him live long enough to get information out of him and then shoots him. He then sends Jordan to a safe place and secures a way for them both to get out of the country before going all pyromaniac on the club and the casino.








Ray goes to meet Davis and pass along the information and finds her dead in her car. Ray is framed for murder and there’s an APB out on him, too. He and Ani are stuck in the hotel and try to work out the case, but the pieces aren’t adding up. It does look like the orphan girl in the photo is the same one in one of the photos from Vera’s box and was Caspere’s assistant. Whatever happened the night the kid’s parent’s died, the diamonds were stolen and Dixon, Holloway, Burris, and Caspere were all in on it together.








Paul gets another text from the picture sender telling him to come meet them. This leaves Ani and Ray to share an awkward moment leading up to awkward sex. Paul shows up and calls Ray, warning him he might be stepping into something. He sees Miguel who had set the whole thing up. He’d been working security for the Catalyst group. He leads Paul into some tunnels where Paul comes face to face with Chief Holloway. He tells him that Dixon had been following him for a while and in exchange for the photos, he wants the documents Paul stole from the party. Paul tricks him into thinking he’ll give up Ani and Ray and manages to get away, killing Miguel in the process. He’s almost home free, but suddenly Burris appears and shoots him dead.

What I loved: Pyromaniac Frank. I love me some Evil Vince Vaughn. LOVE.








What could’ve been better: Ani and Ray? What the hell was that whole scene? Two rough cops are suddenly holding hands and giving each other goo-goo eyes? Did Nic Pizzolatto hire Nicholas Sparks to do this episode? I never thought I’d be disappointed to see Rachel McAdams and Colin Farrell do it, but I was.

I’m also oddly bummed about Paul dying. I was finally starting to like him and then he had to go get shot.

What I’m looking forward to: Answers. Please. Answers. That’s all I want!

Best lines:

“In the midst of being gangbanged by forces unseen, I figure I’d drill a new orifice, go on and fuck myself for a change.” – Frank

“Keep it holstered.” – Jordan

“Maybe you were put on earth for more than fucking.”
“Everything is fucking.” – Ani and Vera

“Don’t fight what you can’t change.” – Frank

“You’re not a bad man.” – Ani


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