Spoilers ahead!

What happened: Well, what happened is we were all left with our jaws hanging open. Did the writers Ned Stark us with that ending? Is Ray really dead or just mostly dead? Personally, I blame the waitress. She made him say the only way he would get a vacation is if he croaked.

Other things that happened: We learn that Frank had a pretty messed up childhood. The episode opens with him describing a horrific time locked in a basement with rats and he gets all philosophical on us asking, “What if I’m still in the basement in the dark?” I am most definitely still in the dark with this show, but I refuse to quit. Frank also appears to have lost money when Caspere died and is none too pleased with the lack of leads coming from Ray, so he visits a pimp friend to find out where Caspere was spending time with his young ladies. This leads Ray to his death at the hands of someone in a bird mask at Caspere’s second home.

Prior to his “death,” Ray has a blow out fight with his wife who threatens to take away his custody and do a paternity test, proving that his son is not biologically his. He later confesses to Ani that he’s a feminist and compliments her e-cigging abilities.

Ani sheds a little more light on her culty upbringing: five kids grew up on the commune, two are in jail, and two are dead. I guess she’s the winner? She flat out asks Ray how much he’s compromised (the answer is ALL the compromised) which he promptly ignores. They both agree that they’ve been set up to fail on this case, the question is why? And by whom? My money is on Mr. Mayor. It seems that Ani and Paul are on this case as part of a bigger investigation into the corrupt city of Vinci, and Ray is supposed to be turning them away from any areas that could cause the Mayor trouble.

Paul is told he could become a detective but promptly shoots that down by asking for his bike. I’m seriously concerned about their closeness. We also get to meet Pauly’s mom. She’s a walking Oedipus complex in nighty. It’s no wonder Paul loves his bike so much. He has a huge fight with his girlfriend for refusing to talk about his past. We then see him on a balcony staring at what I think was young male prostitute. His angst is so mysterious, and it may be waving a rainbow flag.

What I loved: The banter in the car between Ani and Ray was pretty fantastic this week. It was giving me Marty and Rust flashbacks. I’m going to be extra pissed if he actually IS dead and we don’t get more of that.

Botox Rick Springfield as the therapist? I feel like there was a missed opportunity for the writers to make a Jesse’s girl joke about Caspere.

What could’ve been better: Obviously, the whole Ray getting shot thing. Nic Pizzolatto you are not George R.R. Martin. Please stop.

What I’m looking forward to: Finding out Ray’s fate.

Best lines:

“Five kids living there growing up. Two in jail. Two committed suicide. How’s that for social theory?” – Ani

“The fundamental difference between the sexes is that one can kill the other with their bare hands” – Ani

“I felt like it was smoking me … Maybe a little too close to sucking a robot’s dick” – Ray

“A good beating promotes personal growth.” – Ray

“My strong suspicion is we get the world we deserve.” – Ray

“Just so you know, I support feminism. Mostly by having body-image issues.” – Ray

“You know the expression about flies and honey?
“The fuck do I want with a bunch of flies?” – Ray and Ani


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