Spoilers ahead! Reader, beware.

True Detective 2x03 Maybe Tomorrow

What happened: RAY’S ALIVE! The episode opens with a pretty creepy dream sequence with a bad Elvis impersonator singing in the background while Ray’s father warns him: “They’ll shoot you to pieces.” Well, it appears that they tried, sort of. Obviously, the objective of shooting him with the riot shells wasn’t to kill him, just to stop him from finding whatever was on that webcam in Caspere’s house. Ray points out that cops are known for using those shells. So who exactly doesn’t want them to solve this case? Whoever these people are, they love masks. Another masked figure sets fire to Caspere’s car.

We learn Caspere has his hands in many pots, mostly funded by the mysterious Catalyst Group, any of which could be why he is dead, but my money is still on Mr. Mayor. There were several calls from the Mayor’s home to Caspere’s love nest where Ray got shot. We’re treated to a glimpse into the life Mr. Mayor, meeting his family: his wife with the odd eyes, his son with many voices and the brooding daughter.

Meanwhile, Ray finds out Ani and the state police are investigating him when his wife shows up, essentially offering to pay him off to get custody of his kid. She tells him they were asking about her rape, if she ever saw any money, and if she knew anything about Ray taking care of her rapist. Ray asks Ani what the state has on him, but she tells him she doesn’t know.

Frank seems to be coming unraveled. We see him struggle at a fertility clinic, lose a friend named Stan and pull out Danny’s grill. His Russian business associates want nothing to do with him, and he’s beginning to wonder if they killed Caspere just to screw him out of his money, all while being very paranoid that someone is coming after him.

What I loved: Ani dealing with Mr. Stage 5 Clinger. It was fantastic. I also loved seeing Frank get down and dirty. I love an evil Vince Vaughn.

What could’ve been better: I’m over the e-cigarette jokes, can we drop it? Does Nic hold stock in them or something?

What I’m looking forward to: Will Paul resist temptation? That male prostitute that led him the club where Caspere got his girls was pretty cute.

Best Lines:

“Suck your own dick.” – Frank’s wife

“It’s possible to live with unhealthy habits, but it helps if you don’t have every one under the sun.” – Ray’s doctor

“You can leave your rings on. It won’t matter to me.” – Frank

“You talk to me like that again, you’re gonna need a little baggie to bring your teeth home.” – Ani

“Frankly, I’m apoplectic.”
“I’m feeling a little apoplectic myself.” – Ray and Frank


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