Years ago, I worked as a wild animal trainer for the San Diego Wild Animal Park. One of my favorite animals to work with was a 9 foot female Boa Constrictor aptly named Squeezer.  She truly seemed to enjoy people and attention, making her an ideal partner for educational programs with children and adults alike.  When she grew tired of visiting she’d just give you a good squeeze and you’d know she was done working for the day!

Snakes really do have a bad reputation.  While many people think of all snakes as being large and deadly, the truth of the matter is that many of them are completely harmless and some are as small as just a few inches in length. Quite frankly, less than 25% of the almost 3500 known species of snakes are considered venomous, and there are several species of snake that are docile and friendly, making wonderful pets for people who love reptiles. World Snake Day was created as a way to celebrate all snakes and the vital role they play in the ecosystems where they live.

We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate these amazing reptiles than with a round up of our favorite snake-themed memes!

Yes, snakes are cute too!

I mean, c’mon.  How can you resist?

Although you probably should be wary of these two :

But this one’s a pescatarian.

And these two are already full:

Plus, we have so much in common!

So, go ahead and poke fun at them.

Or make unfair comparisons:

The bottom line is that snakes can be pretty darn adorable.

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