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Do you ever wonder why you do the things you do, or why your brain processes information differently from your peers? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Personality assessments like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) claim to show psychological preferences based on a series of questions. (Don’t know your MBTI type? Go take the quiz here!) Originally based on a theory by the famous psychiatrist Carl Jung, the Myers-Briggs personality typology is designed to help you understand what your personality type indicates about yourself, your behavior, and your decision making.

There are sixteen different personality types within the MBTI, each with a unique set of notable characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. We’ve scoured our entire collection of subscription boxes on our marketplace to find the one that’s the perfect match for each personality type!

INFJ – Cozy Reader Club – Starting at $64.95/month

Notable INFJ Characteristics: Creative, Compassionate, Altruistic

If you’re an INFJ, you likely seek to find meaning and make connections through ideas, relationships, and belongings. Since you’re always trying to understand everything around you, especially other people, you could probably benefit from taking some time to slow down and focus on self-care and internal reflection. Cozy Reader Club sends hardcover novels, wellness products, handmade items, and artisan teas — everything an INFJ needs to relax and focus on understanding themselves for a change.

Shipping Details: Ships to select countries from United States

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ENFP – CatLadyBox – Starting at $34.99/month

Notable ENFP Characteristics: Independent, Warm, Laid-Back

ENFPs are some of the most imaginative, enthusiastic, and free-spirited personality types. They are often quite spontaneous and believe that life is full of possibilities. ENFPs are fiercely independent, so naturally my pick for ENFPs is CatLadyBox! Cats exude independence and thrive on freedom, just like ENFPs! CatLadyBox is purrfect for anyone who is looking to receive monthly goodies for yourself and your feline friend!

Shipping Details: Ships to Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States

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ENTP – The Nomadik Subscription Box – Starting at $31.49/month

Notable ENTP Characteristics: Adventurous, Easily Bored, Active 

ENTPs are known for their quick thinking and resourceful problem solving skills. They’re capable of navigating most situations and tend to be bored by routine. One could say they possess an air of wanderlust, adventuring from one place to another. The Nomadik Subscription Box sends 3-5 unique items that are guaranteed to enhance your outdoor adventures and help you satisfy your wanderlust.

Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from United States

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INTP – Shaker & Spoon – Starting at $50.00/month

Notable INTP Characteristics: Inventive, Creative, Logically Precise

INTPs are known for their desire to be incredibly creative inventors that are unlike anyone else. Nothing would upset an INTP more than feeling “just like everyone else” or “ordinary”. That’s why my recommendation for INTPs is a unique mixology box, Shaker & Spoon. This box is one-of-a-kind because almost all of the syrups, elixirs, and cocktail ingredients are original recipes that are made and bottled by their team! You can’t get their products from anyone else. INTPs are bound to appreciate the sheer inventiveness, intelligence, and creativity it must take to run and curate a box like Shaker & Spoon. Cheers!

Shipping Details: Only ships within United States
Coupon: Use code FIRSTBOX at checkout to get a special discount

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INFP – TheraBox – Starting at $34.99/month

Notable INFP Characteristics: Poetic, Reserved, Contemplative, Creative 

INFPs have an unparalleled ability to communicate deeply with others because of their intuitive communication skills. INFPs must be careful though, if they overdo it, they can easily spread themselves too thin. Taking the time to clear your mind through mindfulness techniques and self-care will greatly benefit the INFP, which is why a mindfulness-focused self-care box like TheraBox is the ideal subscription for INFPs!

Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from United States
Coupon: Use code CJFIRST10 at checkout to get 10% off your first order!

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ENTJ – Sparkle Hustle Grow  – Starting at $39.95/month

Notable ENTJ Characteristics: Confident, Charismatic, Determined 

ENTJs know what they want and they aren’t afraid to ask for it. They are also likely familiar with the ever so wise words of Oprah, “You get in life what you have the courage to ask for”. ENTJs are frank, decisive, and excellent at long-term planning and goal setting. Don’t be surprised to find ENTJs in leadership positions, which is why Sparkle Hustle Grow is the perfect tool kit to live a true ENTJ lifestyle. Stay organized and on top of your hustle with 4-6 items that are bound to inspire you and help your business grow.

Shipping Details: Only ships within United States

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ESTP – BattlBox – Starting at $24.99/month

Notable ESTP Characteristics: Adventurous, Life of the Party, Brave

ESTPs are one of the more adventurous personality types, and they aren’t afraid to take risks and live life on the edge. ESTPs love to be prepared for any situation and love a good adventure, so BattlBox is the perfect tool kit for the brave and fearless ESTP. Prepare yourself for anything with the 4-7 hand-selected tactical, survival, and EDC items in each BattlBox.

Shipping Details: Only ships within United States

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ISFJ – Anchor of Hope Box – Starting at $34.00/month

Notable ISFJ Characteristics: Dedicated, Warm, Caring

ISFJs are truly altruistic in all that they do, and they can always be trusted to get the job done. They are often found working in medicine, teaching, and social work, as they are truly fulfilled by helping others. ISFJs will adore Anchor of Hope Box.  This box includes artisan goods that are handmade by survivors of human trafficking and refugees. Anchor of Hope box directly gives back to the artisans, which in turn gives them the opportunity to work toward overcoming the adversities they’ve faced in life.

Shipping Details: Only ships within United States

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ISTJ – Creation Crate – Starting at $29.99/month

Notable ISTJ Characteristics: Dedicated, Logical, Determined

An ISTJ is always completely certain of themselves. They don’t make assumptions and prefer to analyze their surroundings and check facts before making any big decisions. Since ISTJs are no-nonsense logicians, Creation Crate is a great fit for this personality type. Creation Crate sends you everything you need to complete electronic puzzles and robotics projects. An ISTJ will have a blast building electronics with the guidance of their logical and determined nature.

Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from Canada

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ESFP – Quirky-Crate – Starting at $34.99/month

Notable ESFP Characteristics: Spontaneous, Bold, Stylish, Vivacious

ESFPs are vivacious entertainers that aren’t afraid to fearlessly express themselves, especially when it comes to how they dress. They are far from “basic” and are always looking for something new and fun to spice up their life or aesthetic. Since ESFPs are constantly looking for ways to boldly stand out, the handmade pins and unique accessories from Quirky-Crate will bring so much joy to the not-so-basic ESFP and satisfy their need to stand out.

Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from United States
Coupon: Use code UNICORN10 at checkout to get a special discount

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ESTJ – Saloon Box DIY Cocktail Kit – Starting at $37.50/month

Notable ESTJ Characteristics: Honest, Dedicated, Dignified 

ESTJs are valued for their clear advice and guidance along with their honest and dignified sense of self. They are often social beings that bring people together. Speaking of bringing people together, Saloon Box DIY Cocktail Kit sends everything you need to plan your next cocktail party! Receive everything (including spirits) that you need to make 4 different drinks each month. This box is a perfect accompaniment to any dinner party!

Shipping Details: Only ships within United States

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ISTP – Louisville Vegan Jerky – Starting at $19.99/month

Notable ISTP Characteristics:  Bold, Practical, Curious

ISTPs loathe the idea of doing the same thing over and over. They despise monotony and yearn to discover new and different things in all that they do. There’s nothing quite as unique as the idea of vegan jerky: taking something that has exclusively been a meat-based product for its entire existence and turning it into a vegan product — talk about spicing things up! Receive 3 bags of gluten-free and vegan jerky each month from Louisville Vegan Jerky. Nothing traditional or monotonous here!

Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from United States

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ISFP – SketchBox –  Starting at $25.00/month

Notable ISFP Characteristics: Spontaneous, Brave, Charming, Curious 

ISFPs are warm, charming, and creative people that look for meaning in all aspects of life and love to connect through communication with others. While ISFPs can be outgoing and spontaneous, they’re still introverts, so they need alone time to decompress and recharge. Activities like drawing or anything that gets their creative juices flowing can be truly restorative and provide ISFPs with a satisfying sense of purpose. SketchBox sends 5-10 full sized art supplies each month that will fuel all of your creative endeavors.

Shipping Details: Only ships within United States

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ESFJ – Happy Rebel Box – Starting at $100/quarter

Notable ESFJ Characteristics: Organized, Social, Popular

ESFJs are known for being social creatures that thrive off of their relationships with other people. In short, they’re popular. They love people and people love them. In addition to being popular, ESFJs are also luxury hounds. They love to be pampered and they appreciate quality over quantity, which is one of the many reasons Happy Rebel Box is a great fit for ESFJs. Happy Rebel Box is a quarterly luxury subscription that sends a curated collection of edgy and unique items that are bound to fuel the lifestyle of the lively ESFJ.

Shipping Details: Only ships within United States

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INTJ – Hunt a Killer – Starting at $30.00/month

Notable INTJ Characteristics: Intellectual, Determined, Confident 

INTJ is the rarest personality type within the MBTI, making up less than 1% of the population. Masters of all that they pursue, INTJS often have difficulty not only finding people they can easily relate to, but also finding others that can keep up with their relentless intellectualism and cunning wit. Hunt A Killer is a unique subscription that allows you to embark on a mysterious intellectual journey by entering the mind of a serial killer. INTJs are bound to be fascinated with the mysteries that Hunt A Killer guarantees each month.

Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from United States

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ENFJ – Indigo Beaux – Starting at $65.99/month

Notable ENFJ Characteristics: Altruistic, Dependable, Charismatic 

ENFJs are dependable people that have an overwhelming need to help others and do good. Because of their warm, altruistic nature, an ENFJ wants to ensure that their actions benefit others. Indigo Beaux is a great way to treat yourself to luxury items while also supporting an important cause. Every month, 2% of their profits support the RAINN program, an organization that strives to empower and protect victims of sexual violence. ENFJs in particular care about the integrity of the brands they purchase, and almost all of the products in Indigo Beaux are cruelty-free and vegan.

Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from the United States

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