As a sports-loathing, dog-loving liberal gay guy, people are more than a little surprised when they find out that I’ve been looking forward to the Winter Olympics. You know, the ones being held in dog-killing, gay-hating Russia… and that are all about, being the Olympics, sports.

Now, it’s true that I hate just about every sport you can think of, especially when televised. At least when one actually attends, say, a baseball game, there are vendors selling things and people to watch and/or mock. But televised games are usually boring to watch and annoying to listen to thanks to the incessant chatter of the announcers.The only thing worse than an over-caffeinated former athlete telling me what’s happening on the screen as if I can’t see it for myself is weather men interrupting General Hospital to tell me that it’s raining.

The Summer Olympics are, likewise, pretty much a pass as far as I’m concerned. Most of the events involve people running in circles or throwing things, and it all feels too much like exercise to be entertaining. But the Winter Olympics are a whole different animal, because once you throw down a sheet of ice or blanket a hill with snow and tell people to go perform dangerous activities upon it… well, that’s when things get interesting.

As for boycotting… well, that never really crossed my mind, to be honest. Why?

It’s simple, really. Not watching the Winter Olympics isn’t going to make anyone in the Russian government suddenly have a Come To Jesus moment in which they realize the error of their ways and change their stance on homosexuality, animal cruelty or what comprises a decent hotel. (Seriously, have you seen some of the places journalists are being housed? I’ve seen crack houses with more ambiance!)


Instead, the thousands of athletes who trained so hard in order to proudly represent their various countries are penalized for taking part in a sporting event held in a location they had no control over.

Frankly, I’m looking forward to seeing American athletes kick Russian butt whenever and wherever possible. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be our athletes. And if a couple of gay athletes — from anywhere in the world — happen to grab the gold, I most definitely want to be watching when that happens.

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