Father’s day is coming up, and I know that some dads can be particularly hard to shop for.  If your dad doesn’t provide much feedback on potential gifts, here are a few YouTube channels which might give them (or you!) ideas. However, depending on the channel and your dad’s level of mechanical aptitude, you might not like the ideas these channels give them, so do pay attention to the possible outcomes of viewing listed below!

So if your dad is: Jason Bourne or Adam Savage

Because he enjoys:

  • Spycraft
  • Magic tricks
  • Con games
  • Mythbusters

You might like:

The Modern Rogue


Hosts Brian Brushwood and Jason Murphy tackle topics such as:

Cooking a steak

Cooking a steak with thermite

Shattering frozen locks

Detecting spy cameras

Mastering knife throwing


Brushwood and Murphy have a natural chemistry and good on-screen presence from working together on National Geographic’s Hacking The System, which covered life hacks and social engineering.  With The Modern Rogue, they’ve taken that to the next level with a range of topics that should appeal to the Mythbusters demographic. Besides, their merchandise store has things like lock picking trainers and hollowed-out coins, so you should be able to find something cool for Father’s Day.

Possible outcome of viewing:

That’s classified, and if he told you, he’d have to kill you.

Or if your dad is: Tony Stark, Elon Musk, or Johnny Rotten

Because he enjoys:

  • Spending copious amounts of time and money working with tools
  • Mad science with a punk rock sensibility
  • Building things from a 10-year-old’s imagination

You might like:

Colin Furze


Inventor/plumber/TV personality Colin Furze builds stuff every kid in the neighborhood would want to play with, like

An AT-AT playhouse

Wolverine claws

A hoverbike

A backyard bunker

and, of course, a giant butt placed on the English Channel to fart at the French.


Furze has had some experience in TV, having been on a few BBC programs (or is it properly programmes?) and he’s got smooth presentation and delivery down—particularly as he balances his formal construction outfit of a short-sleeved button-down shirt and tie against the anarchic glee he displays when building outrageous stuff.  A typical video goes through the construction process and has him playing with the end result of the build.  He’s the sort of guy all the kids would want in the neighborhood, and that parents wouldn’t want to live next door to.

Possible outcome of viewing:

Running around the house, jumping out of the shadows and declaring: “I’m Batman.” 

Or if your dad is: MacGyver or J. Paul Getty

 Because he enjoys:

  • Fixing it now
  • …without breaking the bank
  • Finding use for all that stuff in the junk drawer (every home has one!) that is going to get used someday but you know he has absolutely no idea what to do with any of it even if it ‘seems useful’.

You might like:

The misleadingly named 5-Minute Crafts


Clever life hack solutions are presented for various household dilemmas, so it’s really less what one would think of as crafts, and more about ways to solve everyday problems. Typically each solution takes less than a minute to demonstrate. Things like:

Unclogging a toilet with plastic wrap

Containing messes with a shower cap

Cleaning grout with a toothbrush and a drill

Hanging a picture with a pull tab

Folding a button down shirt


What’s interesting about this channel, apart from the rapid fire delivery of solutions is that it is all about figuring out how to work with what you’ve got on hand, rather than executing a traditional, formal solution. You don’t have to be particularly good with tools or have Batman level resources to pull any of these off.  Are they the best solutions? Maybe not, but they’re definitely a solution, and sometimes that’s all you need. As The Red Green Show once put it: The fix is only temporary…unless it works.

 Possible outcome of viewing:

Emptying that damn junk drawer…or getting another one.

So hopefully there’s something in there to keep your dad busy, or at the very least, entertained this Father’s Day, and if all of this seems too dangerous? Well, you can always send a card.

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