There’s a coffee shop I love about two minutes from my house. It’s full of eclectic art and soft couches and serious patrons typing away on their laptops or scribbling in notebooks. It’s the sort of place you meet your friends when you’ve had one of those weeks and you need a moment to rest in bustling, coffee-scented comfort. Where you have conversations that start with, “Okay, so get this . . .” Whenever I meet up with my pals, our favorite thing to order there is a coconut mocha – a decadent, tasty, sweet but not too sweet treat. It has become for us synonymous with a well-earned reward/escape, and it was the inspiration for this cocktail.

Spiced Rum Coconut Mocha recipe

Spiced Rum Coconut Mocha

  • 4 oz. cold brewed coffee
  • ½ oz. Patron XO Café
  • ½ oz. Godiva Chocolate Liqueur
  • 1 oz. spiced, coffee-infused rum (or substitute 1 oz. Kahlua plus 1 small pinch chipotle pepper)
  • Coconut cream for topping

Mix chilled coffee, Patron, and rum and pour into a glass. Over the back of a spoon, slowly pour Godiva chocolate liqueur into the glass as well. Top with coconut cream (amount is up to you). Cheers!


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