Gilmore Girls. Even typing the words, I get overly emotionally excited. I watched Gilmore Girls from the beginning. It was a safe haven for me. A world with bumps, but not cheesy 30-minute sitcom fixes. When news broke that Netflix was picking it up for one last season—THE season, I volunteered to cover it faster than you can say, “Oy with the poodles already.”

Interviews | Coffee With Kevin Porter Of The Gilmore Guys

I have been following the Gilmore Guys for a while now, Kevin Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe are a hilarious podcast duo, covering every episode in depth for their listeners. I sat down with Kevin recently and we dished on everything Gilmore Girls and Guys.
Interviews | Coffee With Kevin Porter Of The Gilmore Guys

Now, Kevin, you are already a fan, but Demi is actually watching for the first time. He is going through the cycle as a first-time fan. Are you biting your tongue all the time because you know all the things?

So the podcast, we’re in Season 6, so there is so much further behind us than there is ahead of us of the show now. So we can talk about most of the events of the show now. Which is also one of the reasons the show is so long now. There is so much to talk about now and Demi has a sense of confidence, authority and a catalog to draw on.

I love that in the last podcast, Demi finally declared his team—that at that moment he was #teamJess.

By nature, it’s very different because you know *Demi* is watching it for the first time and I have a decade of baggage and emotional attachment. I think for people listening to the show, who are also revisiting the show, I think rewatching it through someone else’s eyes for the first time is a part of the appeal of the show. Because you can’t ever watch it for the first time yourself ever again.

Interviews | Coffee With Kevin Porter Of The Gilmore Guys

What has been your biggest surprise so far?

It’s such a nonsense answer, but the biggest surprise has been all of it. I think, truthfully, if I had to name one thing, it’s just the ability at all to do shows out of town. I think that is still the most surprising thing, like even more so than being able to connect with the cast and crew of the show. I think what that represents for the live show is the passion of this particular fan base.

Is there a season that really hits home for you?

I think for me it would be Season Four just because of a lot of nostalgic attachment to it. I didn’t start watching Gilmore Girls while it was on TV until Season Four. I just remember watching it week to week in anticipation. It’s the only season in which Rory is not attached to a boyfriend for a majority of the time. Even though Jess and Dean make appearances in Season Four, they don’t dominate Rory’s story. The way Lorelai and Rory kind of drift apart that season, to me that’s where Act Two of the show starts.

Who is your favorite character on the show?

*long pause* Oh, gosh, I mean, my heart wants to say Emily. That is the one I enjoy watching more than anyone else. Even though she is so problematic and unlikeable in a lot of ways, just on a performance level.

I think Emily tends to get a bad rap and is really just misunderstood.

Interviews | Coffee With Kevin Porter Of The Gilmore Guys

On your podcast you tend to make a lot of pop references yourself, as they do on the show. Were there ever any references that you had to look up?

Oh, sure; unless you are a savant, I don’t think you could watch the show and know every single reference. It does happen and there is definitely stuff we have to look, but I think that’s part of the fun and journey of the show.

What would be on your list of hopes for the new installments, for the Gilmore women specifically?

You know, you hope they are happy and content, but specifically I hope Rory is doing well in her career. I hope she had a really great cover story in a magazine and sent it to Mitchum, you know with a flaming bag of dog poop on his doorstep, you know, “Suck it, Huntsburger.” The big thing, above everything that I would love to see is—I’m going to be selfish and really put it out there—the one thing I do hope we see in these new episodes is Lorelai and Emily connecting and maybe saying, “I love you,” to each other, or even hug! They never hug in the course of the show!

YES! Slow clap for that. I would love to see that.

Now I know you guys have feels on this, but I’m going to ask the question anyway. What is your read on the Sookie/Melissa situation?
I don’t know how much it benefits us to speculate, but if I had to put money on it, I don’t think she will be back. I think it’s just a situation of, there probably wasn’t a relationship maintained in the last eight years.

There has always been speculation around the last four words of the series. We now know the words will be an exchange. What do you think it is?

I guess it’s one or two things. It’s either emotionally resonant or it’s like a non sequitur joke.  Gilmore Girls was such a funny show in the way it would end its shows on an anticlimax or bummers, and not play by the rules of most drama TV shows. So my guess, it would be like an emotional core relation like, “Love you,” “You, too.”

Or “Love ya, kid,” “Thanks,” or “More coffee?” “Yes, please.”

I’m leaning towards that—a coffee reference, completely normal conversation.

Or it could be that non sequitur joke like “Poptarts?” “HELL, YEAH!”

Okay, last question, because we are Sweatpants and Coffee. How do you take your coffee?

I enjoy a nice cold brew coffee, usually a medium roast. I’ll put a little splash of vanilla or just a hot coffee with one raw sugar. I try to keep it black, much like my co-host.

Interviews | Coffee With Kevin Porter Of The Gilmore Guys

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You can find the highlights from my interview below and check out the full interview  for Gilmore Girls and Guys hardcore fans!

*Since this interview, we have learned that filming has started, Alexis is is pregnant irl, all of the boyfriends are returning; still no Sookie, though.*

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