Rx: “The Summer Wives”

Prescribed by: Beatriz Williams

Prescribed for: Women who enjoy a little mystery and a little romance wrapped up in historical fiction.

Side Effects: Sunburn from not reapplying your sunblock while reading; overwhelming desire to see Martha’s Vineyard or explore a lighthouse.

This is your perfect summer beach read! A period piece set in the early 1950’s and the late 1960’s, following the lives of a group of people living on an exclusive island off the East Coast. The characters are richly developed and the intertwined storylines are engrossing. Even when you dislike a character, you won’t be able to put the book down!

Summer Wives - Beatriz Williams

Directions:  When a teenage Miranda’s mother marries a wealthy Islander in 1951, she has no idea how his daughter and her friends will change the course of her life.  Miranda will go from being the daughter of an esoteric professor to the step-daughter of a wealthy, influential man whose past will catch up with them all. A catastrophic event will propel Miranda away from Winthrop Island, only to see her return as an adult in the late 1960’s, a famous actress reeling from the demise of her marriage. The island families have not forgotten Miranda nor the events surrounding her hasty departure. Can Miranda reconnect with her family and find peace, and love, at last, or is she doomed to always being viewed as an outsider?

Special Instructions: Just like the ladies at the Winthrop Island Club, you will want a glass of cold, boozy lemonade and a slice of berry heaven to help escape the summer heat.

Summer Vodka & Mint Lemonade from honey & lime

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and Blueberry Slump, the perfect New England/Martha’s Vineyard summer dessert:

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