When you leave a toxic relationship, there’s a period of immense relief. This is followed by a refractory period during which you refill the coffers of your soul that have been depleted by the vampiric tendencies of your former friend or lover. You’re free of the abusive or unbalanced dynamic, and you may find yourself having to start over in emotional kindergarten. Depending on the length and intensity of the unhealthy bond, you may have to relearn yourself. You will rediscover genuine feelings – the kind that aren’t webbed in sticky obligation and guilt. You’ll travel your own path, and you’ll remember how it feels to be carried aloft when your dreams unfurl into purpose.

5 Benefits of Leaving a Toxic Relationship

1. Perspective.

In a toxic relationship, your sense of your personal power is distorted. You may assume far more responsibility than you should for the other person’s feelings while at the same time surrendering your own agency. The good news is that you are the boss of your self. The better news is that you are not the manager of anyone else’s feelings. You couldn’t be even if you tried. You aren’t a wizard. #sorrynotsorry


2. Honesty.

You don’t need to hide your actual thoughts and opinions for fear of invoking a storm of passive-aggressive wrath.


(You CAN handle the truth. Anyone who can’t handle yours is not for you.)

3. Non-evasion.

You can stop screening your phone calls and texts now. No more worrying that you’re going to get guilt-bombed.


4. Connection.

When you get rid of unhealthy ties, you leave so much more room for real, meaningful friendships to grow. The kind that nurture you instead of feeding off you.


5. Authenticity.

No more making yourself small in order to protect someone else’s fragile ego. No more trying to be unobtrusive, unremarkable, unthreatening. You get to be YOU. You know what you’re gonna do?


Damn straight. You know why?


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