How long have I been saying that if they made a spinoff featuring Donna and Jody that I would watch? Wishes do come true! This episode features the backdoor pilot for just that, with Claire, Alex, Patience and Kaia to boot. And these chicks? Are definitely wonder women.

Special Delivery

Two werewolves are about to eat a little girl when all of a sudden a delivery truck pulls up with a package. Turns out? It’s a box full of silver bullet gunfire and the postal worker is none other than Claire Novak. She kills the baddies and a bonus werewolf to be thorough and saves the girl. All is well and bright until she gets a call from Jody Frickin’ Mills telling her that Sam and Dean have been on a hunting trip and she hasn’t heard from them in a few days (get it?) It’s time for Claire to come home.

Prodigal Daughter

Claire is warmly hugged by Jody and sassed by Alex before meeting Patience Turner, who apparently is wearing her sweatshirt and perpetually stunned. They go over the case, discussing the fact that Sam and Dean were looking for Kaia, and we see that Kaia has been discovered on the side of the road by a good Samaritan. Alex leaves to go to work as a nurse (having someone with medical training is always good for a superhero—just ask Daredevil) and Claire and Jody discuss Claire’s safety, or lack thereof. It turns out that Patience’s vision? Wasn’t about Jody. It was about Claire. Claire’s going to die.

Sioux Falls for Anything

Claire goes to visit Alex at the hospital, where Alex gets in a nice dig about Claire looking like “Biker Barbie” (ha!) Alex also makes it clear she is there for Jody, and Claire tries to make her case for why being a solo hunter is a good idea. They drop the touchy-feely to discover that Kaia has been brought into their very hospital (Sioux Falls is apparently a magnet for trouble the likes of Buffy the Vampire’s Sunnydale). Kaia tries to leave and get out of the whole mess but as she exits the hospital she is cornered by a Particularly Ugly Monster (a PUM, if you will) from The Bad Place. Claire and Jody kill it, while Kaia watches, her world continually getting more and more complicated.

Can We Keep It?

They bring the monster home for Alex to dissect, and also maybe to completely gag Patience because, as I said, the monster is particularly ugly and also it seems to be covered in snot.

Claire and Kaia have a heart to heart, comparing literal battle scars, and seem to truly connect. Kaia eventually explains that the PUM came from the place where she dreamwalks, and that they travel in packs, tracking scents. If it came through to this world? The dimensional door must still be open. And that’s the key to finding Sam and Dean. Provided they aren’t, as Kaia surmises, already dead.

Spit Take

Of course Sam and Dean are alive! They’ve been stuck in The Bad Place for a couple of days, long enough for the perpetually hungry Dean to roast a couple of lizards over an open flame. “Please don’t tell me it tastes like chicken,” begs Sam. “No, Sam, it’s a lizard. It tastes like a lizard,” Dean says, deadpan, eating it anyway.

Sam wants to keep moving and find the door but Dean, although he hopes Sam is right, thinks they just might be stuck there. A menacing growl, no doubt from the giant three toed beast of the last episode, emerges from the woods and sounds closer. They boys take off, Dean grabbing his lizard to go.

Vision of Death

Patience, completely freaked, makes to leave and go home but before she can she has a vision of a pack of PUMs coming to kill them all. They hit the road on her advice, and the PUMs attack the empty house.

The girls meet up the next morning with the adorably huggy and armed to the hilt Donna Hanscum, whose license plate, it must be said, reads D-TRAIN. “Why do you have all this?” Patience asks, gesturing toward the weapons. “I’m from Minnesota,” Donna says and that’s explanation enough. While she’s asking who knows how to use a flamethrower, Jody asks Claire to keep the other girls safe while she and Donna investigate. Surprisingly, Claire agrees.

Nothing Says Ninja Like a Bamboo Flute

In The Bad Place, Sam and Dean, who has decided that “this universe sucks” end up on the wrong end of a decidedly female shaped Ninja’s spear. She (?) knocks them both out before they can do a thing. Ooooh. Mysterious! Sam and Dean end up tied to trees while the Ninja Lady (also known to Dean as “Darth Dickwad”) knocks her spear against a giant monster skull. Apparently the growling monster is hungry, and she has summoned it to dinner.

Girl (Fire) Power

Meanwhile, Jody and Donna find the tear in the universe and Jody wants to go in to prevent Claire from doing so, because she cannot bear to lose another child. Unfortunately, the PUMs have followed them to the shipyard and they are trapped.

Kaia encourages Claire to follow her instincts and get involved in the fight, and she arrives just in time with the flamethrower to save the day. Donna and the other girls try to hold off the pack of PUMs while Jody lets Claire and Kaia enter the rift to save the boys. There is most excellent fighting and lots of gunplay and it’s safe to say no boys are necessary as these ladies are more than equipped to take care of themselves.

Big Monster. Huge.

Kaia takes Claire’s hand and leads her to the boys, where Claire (to their surprise) cuts their bonds and sets them free. Unfortunately, the Ninja comes back and launches her spear at Claire (the death that has been foreshadowed) but before it can land in its target, Kaia pushes Claire to the ground and takes the hit, falling to the ground herself. (NOOOOOOOOO! Not Kaia!) She and Claire clasp hands again, and Claire sees Kaia die.

She launches herself at the Ninja but Sam and Dean have spotted a literally much bigger problem as the giant three-toed monster has come to feed. They grab Claire and shuttle her through the door, which closes, leaving Kaia’s body in The Bad Place and Claire crying in Jody’s arms.


Sam and Dean head out, warning Jody that since the rift was open for a while there may have been many more freaks that made it through to Sioux Falls. “We will handle it,” Jody says firmly. “You guys take care of the world, we got Sioux Falls covered.” “Damn right you do,” says Dean, and they hug, and have I mentioned how much I love Jody? Jody goes to comfort Claire, who is beating herself up for racing in without a plan. She understands now why Jody worries, because losing Kaia hurts. The girls clean up the house, Patience musing that she killed a monster while Alex and Donna laugh. “Welcome to the family,” Alex says. Claire writes about her found family, who she now realizes she needs. Somehow she’s going to go and find the thing that killed Kaia and she’s going to kill it.

BUT WAIT! Because another rift opens and the Ninja comes through, and she pulls her hood down to reveal Kaia’s much less fearful and much more determined face.

So, how hard are you hoping for a “Wayward Sisters” pickup? Let me know in the comments, and see you next time for episode eleven, “Breakdown.”

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