Why is “IN THE NAME OF LOVE AND BOOZE” Nanea’s new favorite phrase? Who does Shosh call a “rando hussy?” Who is leaving Downton Abbey? We answer these questions and more in this week’s roundup. Spoilers abound, so proceed at your own risk.

New Girl, Season 4 Episode 15 – “The Crawl”

Nanea Hoffman

What I loved:

Any episode that has a gravy-covered Nick quoting the comic strip Cathy in the beginning is just aces by me. “When she gets mad, she says ACK!” And quite honestly, participating in a Nick Miller-led bar crawl is now on my bucket list. Not only would it be an amazing time, but look how inclusive! THE CRAWL IS FOR ALL. Also, let’s take a moment to appreciate that Nick writes Walking Dead fanfiction. He can write a check my body can’t find anytime.

I deeply enjoyed the interactions between coach and Sally the Ghost from Being Human U.S. But am I the only one who thought he was wearing a Swuit? I love it that she gives him a writing assignment in order to qualify to date her.

Schmidt confessing that his dirty, dirty Valentine’s with Cece is his favorite and that that is why he loves Valentine’s Day is adorable. I miss Schmece, man.

Winston laying some wisdom on Coach was everything.

I want something easy, like Sunday morning. That bitch is a Monday!”
Winston Coach 1Winston Coach 2
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“In the name of love and booze” is my new battle-cry. “Oh, no, my crush is back.” Oh, Gay Bartender Mike, I feel you. Except I don’t hate myself for it.

What could have been better:

Ryan and Jess should not even attempt this long distance thing. It would be so boring hard. They should just give up and move on and after a suitable mourning period, Nick and Jess can start noticing that they still like each other that way.

Nick x Jess

What I’m looking forward to:


Girls, Season 4, Episode 5 – “Sit In”

Shandle Blaha

Girls HBO Sit In

What I loved:

I loved the carousel of friends coming to check on Hannah: Shosh walking in all badass BFF, calling Mimi-Rose a “rando hussy,” Jessa coming in with the tough love, Adam’s sister with the creepy three-way hug, and big-brother Ray trying his best. Then, finally a sweet moment with Marnie and Hannah, where Marnie was the voice of reason Hannah needed, telling her to let Adam go. While I feel weird saying I “loved” it, I’m glad Adam and Hannah talked and things were said that needed to be said. I really do hope he is happy, because I love me some Adam. I feel like him bandaging her up one last time was a metaphor for their entire relationship. I may have gotten misty-eyed when she told him not to call her “kid” anymore.

What could have been better:

Hannah peeing in a bucket: just no.

What I’m looking forward to:

What Hannah does next. Will she be able to let Adam go? Will Adam run off into the sunset with Mimi-Rose?

Best lines:

“Why is everyone acting like tea is some magical elixir that’s going to make it so Adam doesn’t have a girlfriend anymore?” – Hannah

“This whole thing feels like a puzzle with no possible solution, like a Rubix cube.” – Hannah
“Those actually do have solutions.” – Ray
“I mean yeah, if you take all the stickers off and re-stick them.” – Hannah

“So, I guess we’re not like some great artistic love story.” – Hannah

“Maybe we are.” – Marnie

Downton Abbey, Season 5, Episode 7

Shandle Blaha & Frances O’Brien

What we loved:

Downton S5E7 Anna and Bates 1Downton Abbey s5e7 Anna and Bates 2
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I loved seeing Anna and Bates interacting this episode, especially Bates telling Anna that whenever he sees a problem she sees only possibilities. I may have squealed like a kid when I saw Tom and Sibby playing Poohsticks. I love that Cora finally knows about Edith and helps work out a plan for how she can keep Marigold. Tom calling Larry a bastard: best thing ever!

What could’ve been better:

I don’t like Tom leaving! First we lose Matthew and now Tom. Poor Isis. Dammit, Julian Fellows, leave the dog alone. Lord Merton’s sons were horrid, and I felt awful for Isobel.

What we’re looking forward to:

Rose’s wedding!

Shit The Dowager Says:

“He’s a man. Men don’t have rights.”

“A lack of compassion can be as vulgar as an excess of tears.”





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