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10 Freaking Adorable Monkey GIFs

By Jessica Grey

Monkeys are not my most favorite animal—that spot has long since been claimed by the red-eyed tree frog—, nevertheless, I do have a very special place in my heart for monkeys. Part of their claim on my heartparts is the fact that, because of the relative closeness of the branches we occupy on the evolutionary tree, monkeys are often very relatable: their mannerisms, social interactions, and facial expressions are pretty familiar.

The biggest part of the reason I love them, though, is an entirely selfish one: I am Monkeytoes. My husband started calling me Monkeytoes not long after we first moved in together, at which point he regularly witnessed the impressive dexterity of my toes. Seriously, the range of things of varying sizes and weights that I can pick up with my feet is …unusual. It’s my low-key super power. I love monkeys because in a strange, round-about way, they remind me that I am loved in all of my relative weirdness.

Bearing that in mind, of course, I felt the need to do something for Monkey Around Day! “This fun day was created in 2016 by Bob Matthews, of Rochester, NY. Bob is the creator of Holiday Insights. He selected June 14th, in honor of the birthday of his daughter Kimberly. Since she was a little child, Kimberly just loved monkeys and everything about them.

According to Bob: “There is way too much stress in our everyday lives. We need at least one day to set aside our stress, troubles, and worries, and to just relax and monkey around.”

So, without any further ado, here are some of the cutest simian gifs I could find!

Monkey GIF

Oh hai dere!

Monkey GIF

Everyone could use a hug like that every once in a while.

Monkey GIF

*entire heart melts into a puddle of AWWWWW*

Monkey GIF

Monkeys: they’re just like us, part 1. At least, in the “toddlers’ gonna toddler” kind of way.

Monkey GIF

“I don’t know, Karen. I can’t really tell that the new keratin formula is doing anything for my hair.

Monkey GIF

“I’m too sexy for this dog. I’m too sexy for…remaining upright apparently.

Monkeys: they’re just like us, part 2. We all have *that* coworker.

Monkey GIF

The reaction gif you never knew you’ve always needed.

Monkey GIF

Monkeys: they’re just like us, part 3. We all have *that* friend too.

Monkey GIF

Anyway, here’s Wonderwall.


Extraneous simian bonus:

Watch out for some mild expletives. Bless zefrank1 for his True Facts series.

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